Why practice? Joe Rogan answers.

From here(rsdnation):

He went on to say that it requires a lot of practice and repetition just so you can find out what is false in what you do.

When a lot of dudes hear about “Natural Game” it sort of eludes them why there is even a need to practice. It sounds like practice is essentially cultivating more external layers of skill and tactic on top of your ego. Yet they are blind to the fact that essentially the majority of humanity is ego-bound and it takes insight, practice, repetition, and patience to discover what is false in what you do. When you see what’s false, you can be free from that. And that’s how you get to the core of being a natural without carrying that external ego baggage.

If you don’t do anything, if your life has no flow or momentum you have no opportunity to see what is false within you. This is why trying situations really expose you for who you are. And this is why you grow because you are forced into honesty with yourself. You embrace your ego and you put it to the test. You don’t deny the fact that there’s shit you need to look at. It’s the practice of honest discovery and clear-seeing so you can “be water” in the field (or anywhere).

Achieving this removal of falseness through practice, AKA “Massive Action,” can be a tremendously slow and trying process, with uneven and inconsistent results.

Koanic Soul lets you shortcut most or all of it, depending on how much you already know how and how solid your emotions already are. It gives you a reliable, 100% result instead of something contingent.

Well, I can’t really say definitively what the learning curve is like yet. There’s definitely an “instant” component – you just lock in the koan and it works. But oftentimes if you have the wrong understanding of a koan, then it won’t work. You have to feel and know its place. So I’m counseling people through that process on the Skype channel, mostly.

Eventually all that will get rolled into the official product and THEN maybe it’ll be truly “plug and play.” Right now it’s mostly plug and play for me only.

Still, you get incredible speed of personal evolution. One 15 minute Skype chat on the real meaning of a koan, and the guy grasps some profound life lesson and social skill – and he can activate it at will, and will never forget it, and keep it on all the time.

So you’ll forgive me if I get ahead of myself sometimes with this “instant” crap. It is, and it ain’t, and it will be.