Why Girls Aren’t Insisting on Condoms Anymore… Or Refusing Them Outright

Over at Roosh’s forum, folks (including G Manifesto) are weighing in on the decline in female insistence on condom use.

I can offer a few thoughts. Some of these have been already pointed out. But it’s useful to see them all together.

1. The more alpha the dude, the less the girl wants a condom.

This is true. Condoms are logical entities. They interrupt the flow of pure emotion. The more alpha the dude, the less logical she will be.

2. Girls are starting to resist condoms as consequences decline.

Medical technology has advanced significantly since condoms were introduced, both in birth control and STD treatment. Girls have less reason to insist on condoms.

Reverse the male logic on when and why to use a condom, and you can see the reasons a girl might not want to.

A man wants to use a condom because:
A. He thinks/knows the girl is a potentially diseased slut
B. He does a lot of ONS’s and wants to keep his exposure low
C. There’s less trust because it’s the first time they’ve banged
D. He doesn’t want to get her pregnant and then be stuck with her forever.

All of those reasons are rapport breaks. So when a man insists on a condom, he’s subcommunicating a rapport break. And then jamming that rapport break up inside the bitch.

3. A condom is pre-meditated slut-hood. It requires a logical choice to have sex… and to have enough sex that disease prevention becomes a high priority. This interferes with the hamster’s goal of maintaining the “it just happened” myth.

4. Girls have an instinctual desire for maximum intimacy and insemination, which a condom interferes with. The bigger the alpha, the stronger the desire.

5. Condoms are less fun for both parties.

6. This last one is just a poorly-articulated hunch… but… I think the symbol of the condom has changed. It used to be about female protection and empowerment, letting her cheat. Now dudes are probably more on board with it… don’t get that bitch pregnant, wrap up your dick before you bang that filthy skank, etc.

And somehow, I think as the socio-sexual climate has become more libertine, and alphas enjoy ever freer reign, the female priority has shifted from “enjoying herself” on the side, to having great difficulty securing the long-term attention of an alpha. And so a condom speaks volumes about the commitment of the alpha currently banging her. Girls are more desperate for intimacy than they were in the past.

All of which you can take advantage of by indulging in your raw dog and creampie fetish, as long as you have a good emergency expatriation plan.