Watch “Drive” and “White Collar”

I watched “Drive” last night. It’s a bit like Shane- a modern version.

Loved the sound track – “be a real human, and a hero too.”

It’s strongly evocative of masculine disassociation.

The elevator killing is a powerful example of Game.

The hero is a bit beta at times – hanging around a single mom, etc. But he sufficiently makes up for it with violence. And I could sympathize – strong Neanderthal traits, combined with taciturnity, and isolation. It didn’t ruin the movie.

It’s a stylish movie, well done. I recommend you watch it. It makes a certain statement about masculinity, and enjoyably so.

As always, it’s available on

The other show I’m watching is “White Collar”. Neil Caffrey is a rare alpha almost completely unsullied by PC concessions to warrior women.

There are other shows in the genre, but they suck. E.g. “Lie to Me” – over scientific, bad acting and writing, lame sexual “tension”, overacting main character who’s not quite convincing as an alpha. Fascinating but failed.

And then there’s the Mentalist, a typically castrated alpha whose Xena warrior partner regularly pulls football moves.

Watchable entertainment options are few and far between. You’re welcome.