True Mental Discipline in the Octagon

At 1:31 you can see Fedor being put to the test.

Most fighters will crack. They won’t give up, but their mental discipline will start slipping, and they’ll allow openings that’ll be used to bring the fight to a speedy close.

Fedor’s completely gassed and getting annihilated, but his will doesn’t slip for a moment. He’s in a blinding haze of pain and fatigue and just keeps fighting with perfect discipline. There’s not even any point; his position is hopeless, but he simply will not quit. That’s unreal.

The doctors have to stop the fight when Fedor’s right eye swells shut. He’s under a much larger submission king in full mount and doesn’t give up anything.

Fedor has the best inner game in MMA. That’s because he’s a Neanderthal fighting for his family’s survival:

“Years ago we hardly had anything to eat.
Now I earn more money and I see every opponent as a man that tries to put me back to that poorer period.
That man has to be eliminated.”
– Fedor Emelianenko

A man fighting for his own life won’t quit until the pain is worse than the prospect of dying. But a Neanderthal defending his family won’t quit, period. He’ll just keep coming at you with that uncanny, unrelenting, insane yet quiet aggression. Combined with their unnaturally powerful physique, that’s what makes them the most dangerous fighting machines on Earth.

Fedor eventually got old and injured and lost a few fights. But he went 10 years undefeated as heavyweight champion. The lesson is clear: Don’t fuck with Neanderthals. Once we realize what you Cro Mags have done to us and our families, there’ll be hell to pay.

Right now, we still think you’re human beings. Enjoy it while it lasts.