Transferability of Game: A Universal Success Pattern

Guys at RSD are pushing the curve, as always. Thank God for forums, otherwise the dull churn of bloggers rehashing the same crap would be suicide-inducing:

I have an interesting theory about success in general from 2 observations i’ve made..

1. the proccess of getting it is always the same hustle
2. giving good emotions is always the most important part

but yeah, lets take job hunting for example:

I’ve used the same process to land maybe 20 interviews & get 3 different jobs & it goes like this

1. Gather as many leads as you can
2. hit up those leads and inspire as much positive emotions as you can, tell jokes, be cool, make conversation.
3. follow up on those leads to the bitter end.. even if your annoying, even if people don’t like you for it, just follow up. (interesting that tyler just posted about this)

and i use the SAME proccess to get sales at my job.. just hit up everyone, find the people who look the most closable, STICK TO THEM & give them good emotions till they either crack or leave but even as their leaving im still hitting it up & trying to get them to stay..

but the absolute MOST important part is being a source of good emotions, And I know alot of dudes are gonna say thats dancing monkey type shit, but it really greases the gears & makes the process way more efficient..