The world ain’t ready

I have a new guest post up at In Male Fide. As usual the commenters are a mix of idiots and very smart people.

Go here to read it: “Men’s Right’s Activists are Spineless Puzzies

Here are the first few paragraphs:

Not all of them. But enough that it’s impossible not to notice.

One MRA I knew, back when I cared about it and supported the movement, used to ride around on a recumbent bicycle. I guess his prostate had become so stretched from all that government ass-fucking that he couldn’t comfortably sit upright anymore.

I’m well aware that the fastest way to create an angry gang of helpless wimps is to call MRA’s unmanly. That’s because the accusation’s truth sticks deep in their hindbrain. “We’re still men,” sobbed bitch-tits Bob. (Not in one essential respect…)

Anyway, I eagerly anticipate your cogent and levelheaded rebuttals. In the mean time, here is my affirmative case.

What are the culturally universal traits definining manhood? Mark from Post: Masculine lists two:

  1. Emotional dissociation.
  2. Initiation.

Now, what is the typical MRA like?

An older schlub, he passively allowed his wife to steamroll him into lifelong slavery. She used access to the kids as leverage while draining him financially through the courts. She probably also successfully used lies and manipulation to tilt the system even more heavily against him.

What did he do about this? Nothing. Rather than leave the country, he joined a cause dedicated to bitching, and to this day he continues to obligingly bend over the barrel while feminism rapes him with a huge spiked clit.

Top commenters on the thread are

  • Savrola (thread winner)
  • Booch
  • …a few others were decent

It’s pretty damn depressing how few there are.

What I need is an audience who understands inner transformation Game like RSD teaches, has an interest in deep release stuff like Tolle’s oevre, and is also Christian. That’s pretty niche. Not much chance of this taking off. People aren’t going to understand. Oh well.

I’ve been practicing Koanic Soul more, getting a deeper understanding of how it works.

Basically, you need to only be thinking two things: the tongues monologue and random koan cycling. Plus, occasional full sets.

If you’re thinking anything else, you’re in your head, not in the moment.

I’ll continue building this site, because it’s a statement of my identity, not because I expect other people to understand.

Maybe if the clarity of the writing improves the right people will eventually trickle in.

As Trump would say: You’re all fired!