The necessity of the MAP

I’ve become bored with my girlfriend, and therefore my sex life. This is impacting my masculine zest for life.

Upon reflection, this is due to my failure to pursue what Athol Kay calls the MAP – the Male Action Plan. This is a broader idea than typical PUA practice. There is a long gradient between the MAP and the typical PUA grind of one night stands. I intend to explore that gradient until I find a point of greater, if not absolute, satisfaction.

If you have no idea what the MAP refers to, that’s because you haven’t read Athol Kay’s book, the Married Man Sex Life. I don’t feel like summarizing the book, so just buy it.

I noticed that nowhere in the koans are there any mention of fidelity or relationship status. Therefore these are not things I need to be conscious of.

Nothing in this post, by the way, should be taken as a modification or intent to break my previously stated moral code on sexual relations.

It also occurs to me that the girls koan is not sufficiently action oriented. Here is its current form:

“Relax and cum deep inside a fresh young concubine. (Party time.) (Get what I want.)”

This I will modify to the following:

“Relax and cum deep inside a fresh young concubine. (Pursue the MAP.) (Party time.)”

The new parenthetical phrase, (Pursue the MAP), contains the concept of getting what I want, and includes far more, a detailed plan of action with phases clearly laid out.

I place the (Party time) phrase last to take the mind off of deliberate action once momentum is restored and put it back on fun.

In other news, the new forms of the maintenance and initiation koans continue to work well.


This koan goes a long way towards answering the question, “What should I be doing all the time?” There is so much interstitial time that cannot be purposed to one’s higher callings. However, the MAP is comprehensive, capable of absorbing all your time, and can be considered synonymous with “style”. This leads to zero uncertainty or passiveness, which is an excellent frame of mind. As a man, one should always be leading with one’s agenda. The MAP is a critical part of this agenda. If it is missing, a major portion of your congruent personality is missing.


The MAP koan has already vastly improved my sex life with my girlfriend. I am well pleased. It vibes nicely with the (No outcome) koan, producing outcome-independent yet direct Game.