The Movie “Rampage” Exposes Pitiless Leftist Heart of Murder

The protagonist takes the empty rhetoric of his hippie friend about a world with too many people and too few resources, and turns it into murderous nihilistic action.

It’s very good in the way it shows the social dynamics.

The young man in his parent’s basement, small time manipulator, disenchanted by the world of employment and low wage life, and left out of the pussy that might otherwise calm his rage. Basement workouts, building his murderous designs.

The loser hippie who supplicates pathetically to women, impoverished, unattractive, trying to prop up his ego with his superior consciousness.

A good Uwe Boll movie… who’d’ve thought it possible.

But he did an excellent job. Very thought provoking.

And not too far off a depiction of the monsters among us, who do go on rampages.

And we’ll be seeing more of those.

Best lines:

  • “People aren’t equal. They’re not.”
  • “You’re all talk. All talk. Worthless.”
  • “Paintball! Whoo!”
  • “Chirp chirp chirp.” (To the terrified young ladies huddled in the beauty salon.)
  • “I am going to fill out college applications.”

Edit: Oh, I suppose I should provide a refutation. Very well.

Intelligence is the only significant economic resource in the long run. Natural resource depletion doesn’t matter. 1st world economies can afford to take good care of their environment, after the dip of their industrial revolution. Global warming doesn’t exist.

And lastly, to any basement ragers: It’s far more difficult to create than destroy.

But if you know you’re incapable of creation (and that makes you pitiful), at least choose your targets of destruction well.