The Cast and Scenes of Creation

Below is my humble attempt to begin piecing together the story of human origins. Much of this is inspired by the work of Lloyd Pye, which I encourage you to study. I believe he is honest, and I know he’s intelligent.

Babylonian / Sumerian / Enumma Elish. Possible anti-God Traveller bias.
Genesis / Jewish / Semitic. Garbled, ellipses, God’s version.
DNA, mummies, archaelogy, anthropology. Human bias.

Extra-dimensional factions:
God/Ea and Jesus/Marduk, and allied angels
Chaos gods
Travellers/fallen angels

The scenes of myth:
Conflict between gods and chaos – extra-dimensional. Marduk slays Tiamat.
Conflict between God and Lucifer
First creation
Second creation – reforming
First creation of man – forerunners
Fall of forerunners – Ayahuasca and Traveller contact. Results in sin and death.
Second creation of man – slave homo sapiens created by forerunners
Invasion and interbreeding on Earth by forerunners – nephilim
Murder of Abel by Cain – Cro Magnon conquest of Neanderthals
Tower of Babel – first collapse of Earth megalithic or Nbiru forerunner civilization
Noah’s flood – second collapse of Earth megalithic civilization
Interbreeding by Starchild forerunner visitors – North & South America and Russia

Physical locations:
Asteroid belt – shattered planet Tiamat?
Mars – scoured planet?
Possible brown dwarf planet Nbiru in long 3,500 year orbit

Physical evidence:
Earth’s Moon – ancient cataclysm?
Magnetic reversals and extinction events on Earth
Hominoids -> Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens, Melonheads, Starchildren
Submerged civilizations, e.g. Doggerland, Mediterranean
Possible lost civilization under Antarctica from crustal displacement
Evidence of genetic engineering in human genome. Homoids plus alien Y chromosomes.
Evidence of genetic engineering in domesticated species.
Story of Jesus and Shroud of Turin
Reports of Traveller contact (demons, spirit guides, etc)
Megalithic civilizations with Traveller influence
Extra-dimensional human consciousness

Unifying narrative:

In the beginning, God and Marduk/Jesus. As far as Traveller memory extends back, the chaos lords and elder gods are co-existent.
God wages a campaign against rebellious chaos and prevails. He uses chaos’ body to create on a planetary scale or higher.
Jesus creates first forerunners in his image, as children, on Nbiru.
The Travellers feel the forerunners should serve and feed the gods. They infiltrate and persuade the forerunners to break with God by taking psychedelics, which opens them to Traveler influence. Serpent, sin, death, and enlightenment motifs.
The forerunners are punished by loss of Edenic grace.
Later, the forerunners seed the Earth and create slaves for gold mining duty. The Earth slave civilizations, ruled by melons, are coopted by Travelers during the long period in which Nbiru is away from Earth.
God or the forerunners, disgusted by the wickedness of the resulting civilization, cause various catastrophes such as a flood and confusion of language, at various times.
At some point, threatened by the evolution of Neanderthal intelligence, the melons upgrade their slave homo sapiens to genocide the Neanderthals. Myth of Cain and Abel.
The melons lose control of the resulting homo sapiens / Neanderthal hybrid and through interbreeding are submerged.

Alternative version:

Eden tells the story of forerunners creating the first terrestrial melons in a domesticated Earth garden. Ayahuasca use causes Traveller pollution. Or (less likely) sex violates the forerunner monopoly on genetic engineering. Banishment means sending the melons out into the hominoid-populated Earth wilderness.

Starchildren evolved on Mars (or Tiamat)?
Origins and scope of extra-dimensionals?

Extra dimensional beings exist, and consciousness shows humans have an extra-dimensional component.
Physical forerunner races exist with genetic engineering technology: Starchild and Melonhead. Their hybrid bones appear on Earth. We carry their Y chromosomes and hominoid X chromosomes. It is unlikely that they have FTL travel. Thus the Nbiru planet hypothesis makes more sense, and keeps things within the solar system.
Neanderthals are the only intelligent Earth hominid that does not appear to be genetically engineered, instead descending from the hominoid line.
Jesus Christ was a product of extra dimensional genetic engineering and demonstrated immortality and command over Travelers. He lends credibility to the concept of an extra-dimensional Creator God.
Our solar system has a long, confused and multi-factional history. Just as we are not the physical center of the universe, neither are we the spiritual, biological, technological nor evolutionary center.
Traveller and diminished melonhead ruling factions exist on Earth today, as do divine influence and a Neanderthal remnant.