Tex dissents: Separatism vs. Dominion vs. Tripartite rule

I have discussed several options: Neanderthal separatism, genocidal Neanderthal dominion, and a tripartite model of society and government.

In this guest post, Tex comes down in favor of separatism. Read his opinion below.

Personally, I now favor separatism followed by possible reintegration on the tripartite model, with space colonization reserved for Melonheads and Neanderthals only.


Koanic, I never said we could “beat” them. I don’t know what we would “beat” them at.

They run the world now. All people have to do in order to unseat them from power is to have IQs about 30 points higher on average than they have got a at present. Since that is not going to happen I don’t know if it is possible to ever change the dynamics of the world. We can’t “save” the world, we should not even try. We should try to save ourselves.

Neanderthals are 20% or less of the existing human population. Even though they drive nearly all the innovation in it (and I mean the actual invention and creation, not the commercialization) they are in many ways as powerless as “Not Sure” because the average person is on par with Dr. Lexus in IDIOCRACY.

The Melonhead on the Vault-Co site (trust me, he is absolutely authentic, he is the real thing, I’ve seen his photos and his pictures of his children) is an exception. Most Melonheads are not as creative as him despite having far superior organizational skills to any Neanderthal. That fellow has both intelligence and G – problem solving ability. That’s why some of his software runs on the space shuttle. We can’t expect otherwise most Melonheads to be quite as broad minded and thoughtful as he is. I really think he is exceptional for his kind. Most of them just concentrate on power acquisition. He is unique in that he is curious to understand as well as control the world around him. Most of them don’t care about the why so much as the how. We will never be able to overturn the organic migration of people like him into leadership over the Sapiens. It just happens naturally. We should strive to avoid them getting control over us and to do that we have to come out of these people we have been “lumped in” with. The sapiens is slavelike by nature, we are not, we deserve better. Sapiens will end up kneeling to Melonheads, it is as natural as birds migrating south for the winter.

This is why I talk about segregation. It’s the first step in a long process.

First we have to get people to concede there are two different groups of humans in the one species. Then we have to get them to adopt a position of appeasement so we can operate unhindered in that space.

I do not plan to see this come to fruition in my lifetime.

I found your essay on your blog about r/K to be an excellent map of how you go about getting recognition from the R’s and then leveraging it to pry them out of your lives altogether. The Jewish model would make an excellent example of how to distinguish ourselves as a separate ethnic group apart from central society. The thing is, with one of the highest suicide rates in the world (“Aspergers”) nobody has more genuine cause for sob stories than the Neanderthal. We could do a couple of movies about our plight that would make Schindler’s List look like a crazy summer camp movie.

I’ve always thought a movie similar to “Dancing With Wolves” showing our struggle against the Homo Sapiens invasion of Europe would permanently seal our status as a separate racial group long overdue for recognition.