Resources for New Christians

A reader writes in:

“I’ve been an atheist my entire life, apart from the past nine months. It’s been a slow but steady process, but at the moment I’m convinced about the truth of Christianity. But I’m pretty much ignorant about basically *everything* to do with it. Never read the Bible, never been to church, etc. I’m interested in what advice you would give to someone like me to assist my becoming a Christian.”

I never intended this to be a Christianity-centric blog. If anything, I expected it to be a Game-centric blog. However it seems that I have built something different than what I expected. So I’m just gonna roll with it.

Here are my recommended resources for new Christians:

1. Vox Day’s blog and his fiction books, available for free download on the sidebar

2. Read the New Testament, the Old Testament, then the New Testament again. When reading the BIble, I like to use e-sword, which is an awesome free Bible-reading application with commentaries and tons of extra resources.

3. Vox’s recommended reading list for new Christians:
“I would start with the Chronicles of Narnia, then read the Screwtape Letters, then Mere Christianity and The Abolition of Man. After that, the Space Trilogy. … at this point I think one is better off delving into GK Chesterton. Lewis is, without question, a great writer. But over time, I have gradually reached the conclusion that he was more skilled at portraying the core truths of Christianity in a highly accessible manner than he was at delving into its depths. This should not be taken as a criticism, for it is a rare and enviable skill indeed.” The first book for Chesterton is “Orthodoxy”.

4. Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the complete works of Shakespeare.

5. For apologetics, I highly recommend Josh McDowell’s “A Ready Defense”.

6. For Kingdom theology, look at Greg Boyd and Dennis Peacock.

7. For praying in tongues, get baptized in the Holy Spirit by a Spirit-filled preacher.

The same reader asked a followup question about denominations. My answer: I grew up mostly Presbyterian, Spirit-filled and/or non-denominational. These days my brand is Spirit-filled, Kingdom Theology, influenced by Vox Day and Cambria Will Not Yield and Texas Arcane. There is no denomination on Earth that would fit all of that.

Denominations vary by individual church anyway, although there are certainly better and worse ones. If you read the right stuff you’ll be able to judge for yourself, which is very important to do. Shop it around a bit, and expect not to stick with your first choice.

Lastly, baptism is not required for salvation, although it’s good to have it done.

I think that about covers it!