Recommended reading

Two posts worthy of attention recently scrolled across my RSS reader.

The first is from Rollo Tomassi. It’s very, very solid.

Despite what any pop-psychologist has ingrained into you, communication is NOT the key to success in an LTR. It’s what and how it’s communicated that is. It seems counterintuitive to deliberately withhold information that you think would solve whatever problem you have. Every touchy-feely therapist will tell you to open up and express yourself, but all that leads to is the negotiation of desire and the disingenuous obligations based on those terms. You cannot ‘tell’ women anything, they must be led to your conclusion and be made to think that they are the ones coming to it with their own devices – preferably by way of her imagined feminine intuition. How you effect this is subject to your own situation with your LTR or your prospective woman, but understand that internalizing the idea that she can be made to understand your perspective indirectly is the first step ‘real’ communication. Indirect communication is the foundation of effective Game.

The second is from Naughty Nomad, on how to build a harem:

Get her to associate love with sex. You also need to fast-track love.  You have to be Pavlov.


Fuck her first. Don’t try and get close to her, don’t try win her over or promise to give her the moon. Fuck her first, and fuck her really good. This is crucial.


Use this as her reward for sex. After she spreads her legs, open your heart.

If you want a woman to feel consummate love, but want to avoid monogamy, the secret is mystery. You have to be Zorro.

You have to be a man of mystery. Don’t tell what you do for a living. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Don’t talk about other women. Everything is a secret. Tell you have to go away for a month to Lebanon for ‘business’. Don’t see her for long periods of time. Simple economic = lower supply, increase demand. Tell her you lead a double life, one that she can never know about. Everything about you is a mystery.

Extreme? Yes. But it’s works. Women love that shit.