Psychopathy, Female Fidelity, and the Introvert

This will be a helluva post. So let’s begin with a definition of terms:

Psychopath – amoral, deceptive, manipulative personality. Can be either low or high functioning. A personality trait that exists on a spectrum. See opposite: Ingenopath.

Ingenopath – morally strict, pathologically honest, innocent, straightforward personality. Can be either low or high functioning. Extreme (but suboptimal) forms include Aspergers and Autism. See opposite: Psychopath.

Interestingly, an introvert can be either Psychopathic or Ingenopathic. Although usually, Psychopaths will be extroverts, or at least be able to simulate extroversion when it suits them.

This post does not make moral judgments. In evolutionary terms, human morality is merely an accident of genetic competition. This is merely a discussion of what is. Being a Psychopath, as defined here, does not preclude having a soul and a moral code.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s move into the body of the argument.

Why invent a new term like “Ingenopath”?

As I attempted to grapple with this area, I quickly realized that no suitable antonym to the word “Psychopath” existed.

I had been using “integrous”, but clearly Psychopaths were capable of following a code if they chose to.

What did that leave? Square? Neurotypical? Pro-social? Nice?
None of them fit.

I realized that innocence was the core trait I wanted to express. Then I just needed a root word meaning “innocent”. Hence, Ingenopath.

Ingenopaths shouldn’t try to become Psychopaths

The most important thing to realize about Psychopathic vs. Ingenopathic Game is that BOTH CAN WORK.

Mark Manson of Post:Masculine is a good example of Ingenopath introvert Game. Vox is much more on the edge of Psychopathy. Cedonulli is off the deep end, for reasons I’m sure his regular readers don’t need me to point out. But the point is, all of them can work.

Therefore, it can be just as big a mistake for an Ingenopath introvert to attempt to transform himself into a Psychopathic introvert to achieve higher rank, as it can be for an introvert to try to transform himself into an extrovert.

In both cases, the transition may be extremely difficult, painful, and slow, if it is possible at all. And the result will probably be counterproductive, since it is still incongruent.

To me, this insight is life transforming. I had assumed my progress would be a linear relationship between increasing Psychopathy and improved results. Now I’ve turned a completely different corner: I am pursuing my own variant of Game, determined by my particular location on the spectrum.

Female fidelity is real

Now, finally, we can get to the heart of the controversy that prompted this post.

Contra many Game gurus, I maintain that female fidelity is real. The Game term for a girl completely in love, addicted to your cock, and for whom other men simply don’t exist, is “Deep Conversion.” See the book “Sex God Method” by Daniel Rose, and Krauser’s latest.

This phenomenon doesn’t vary with culture or a girl’s personal history much, because it’s biologically founded. A small percentage of girls will cheat (very infrequently) while in Deep Conversion. But basically you don’t have to worry about it.

Obviously the effect eventually fades if you don’t maintain it. But you can definitely tell when it’s present. Deep conversion is easy to recognize, real, durable, resilient, and long lasting.

Please note here that we’re not talking about the kind of passion that develops during a short fling. That is also very powerful, but has a different biochemical basis. See Athol Kay’s book, The Married Man Sex Life, for details.

Flings DO fade quickly, but properly maintained Deep Conversion doesn’t fade. When LTRs do gradually lose their spark, it’s usually due to beta creep and lack of variety.

Maintaining Deep Conversion is the trick. Daniel Rose talks about that quite a bit in previously mentioned book. I also highly recommend another guru: Narciso Babaero. According to Narciso, maintaining Deep Conversion requires a proper 3/5 beta/alpha balance. Read his blog to learn exactly what that means.

Let me tell you a bit more about Narciso, since he’s a little known figure in the Manosphere. His blog is actually the heavily anonymized project of a natural, whose insights are completely orthogonal to all PUA theory. He had little interest in Game to begin with, and quickly lost that when his elevated style proved too advanced for his audience.

I have reason to estimate his experience level as approximately 15-20 years of alpha-level promiscuity, mostly with Western model quality girls, many of them actual professional models. There are few PUA gurus who can boast anything comparable. I am not willing to share how I arrived at this estimate.

To this day, his conceptual innovations have not penetrated the sphere.

To wrap up this section, I want to emphasize that believing in Deep Conversion has nothing to do with the pre-Game phenomenon of the “clueless boyfriend” syndrome. This is post red pill insight, with a seriously sinister aspect. It is literally tampering with a girl’s heart. Separation from you during Deep Conversion causes her intense pain.

It is the most intense form of relationship a girl can experience. There’s fucking, and soul fucking.

Game Psychopaths deny Deep Conversion

All of this has been leading up to something. Here it is:

I’ve noticed that Game-aware Psychopaths always discount Deep Conversion.

This can manifest in several ways:
1. They dismiss the value of long term relationships,
2. They deny the possibility of LTR fidelity,
3. They deny the reality of love, etc.

There’s more than one reason Psychopaths do this, but the biggest one, I think, is this: Deep Conversion doesn’t work for them.

Why not? Well, let’s go waay back and delve into a little evolutionary history.

The Psychopath strategy is based on large social groupings. Cro Magnon / Home Sapiens lives in tribes large enough to support internal predators and specialized parasites. The Psychopath is thus a permanent feature of sapiens society.
Social relationships are tenuous, ephemeral, and dynamic, giving the Psychopath room to play.

The Ingenopath strategy is based on the small tribe sizes of the Neanderthal. Relationships are lengthy and intense. There is no space for internal parasitism.

(The flaw in the Neanderthal strategy was exposed during the glacial retreat, when hyper-expanding sapiens extincted neanderthal.)

The Psychopath’s dynamic flexibility permits him to maximize the short-term value extracted from each new relationship. In the case of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder extrovert Psychopath, this flexibility is both motivated and enabled by core insecurity and ambivalence. In general, a Psychopath is simply one who lacks the normal human prosocial emotional programming. This can manifest as lack of empathy and diminished emotional experience, or simply a lack of conscientious motivation to do the right thing.

In any case, hiding this core identity weakness, deadness, or amorality over a long-term relationship is exhausting and ultimately impossible. The higher the SMV of the female, the more perceptive she is, and the faster the limit is reached. When that happens, either the relationship ends, or a cycle of emotional drama begins.

The Ingenopath, by contrast, possesses a fixed identity core, which motivates and enables stable long-term relationships. He has strong internal pro-social motivations, and a deeply felt emotional experience and empathic ability. These are important strengths for building stable Deep Conversion.

So here’s my metaphor.

(In what follows, Psychopaths are bats and Ingenopaths are eagles. This is because bats are the ultimate night hunters, and eagles the ultimate day hunters. I think light is a relevant analogue for social information. The animal selection is not a comment on their respective nobility or rightness.)

The opinion of a bat on the hunting utility of telescopic vision is of little consequence to an eagle. The fact is that the sun is up half the day and down the other half. If the eagle wishes to eat both night and day, it should learn to emulate the bat’s sonar and style of flight. And most eagles recognize this. What I find curious is that bats so rarely wish to emulate eagles. How can one be satisfied with a lifelong diet of little bugs?

I’d like to close with a quote from a truly impressive female introvert Psychopath, Sabratha:

I often feel boredom and curiosity. Other emotions appear very rarely, some once in many years. Some emotions – shame, nostalgia, guilt, anxiety, fear (fear as opposed to unwillingness to do something) I believe I had not expirienced at all.

What does a social interaction with a Pyschopath look like?

However, I got deconcentrated, forgot about “the mask” for a bit and just stood there looking her in the eyes with a pretty much emotionless face waiting for her to finish so that I cold get back to my desk. At one point she said loudly: “Do you understand me? Are you listening to me?”. I just said “Naturally” and repeated the last 2 sentences she said. That’s when I saw a flicker of disbelief and some fear/confusion in her facial expression and I realized I was standing tehre for a few minutes without the mask. I recoiled back into my role, not wanting her to thik I was stoned or anything. Still, she looked mighty perplexed and somewhat annoyed that her lecture didn’t “get to me”.
It was a weird moment – more for her than for me though.

So what does a psychopath spend her time doing? Stuff like this:

In regular conversations (especially verbal ones) people often talk in an ambiguous way, use inprecise terms, mubmle and so on. Generally they rely on you understanding it all based on the context, tone and that you will pass on this information accurately.

Bad move on his side.

So here are Sabratha’s 4 rules on relaying information:
1) Relay all negative info about yourself as if the speaker ascribed it to the whole group.
2) Creatively interpret what you don’t hear to create a tailored narrative.
3) Without changing the core content of the message, exagerate some parts and downplay others.
4) Add your own final opinion/judgement in a way that it appears to be a logical, factual conclusion.

I’d say suprisingly few people see how “plastic” verbal information is and how easy you can change its original meaning 180 degrees in a way taht the original speaker won’t be able to object to. This becomes even more usefull if you are to relay to person X what person Y said.
Some normies use such methods (manipulation is not limited to Psychopaths you know), but the vast majority of people do not and moreover can’t even imagine manipulation taht changes the menaing of a statement without changing the “content”. When looking for lies, they ask about the “content” alone, hence such manipulation is most often check-proof.

After reading a bit more from Sabratha and taking a look at the Factor 1 traits, I’ve come to a deeper understanding of Psychopathy.

Psychopathy, in its most basic essence, is simply the absence of prosocial emotional programming that is usually present in humans.

Extroverted narcissistic personality disorder Psychopaths are driven by neediness, aka insecurity.

An introvert Psychopath may be simply driven by self interest. His behavior is Psychopathic because he lacks prosocial programming. He may otherwise have fairly normal emotions.

A Psychopath may also have diminished emotional experience or empathic capacity. This is the famous “soullessness”.

Going off the beaten clinical path here for a moment, it seems to me that Psychopaths are less capable of forming a rich inner life, that is truly LIFE filled. They tend to experience instead a degree of emptiness, or dryness, or lack of core identity or core confidence.

That is the real difference between Ingenopaths and Psychopaths – the maximum richness of inner life that is attainable. In a sense, Psychopathy is a genetic strategy that sacrifices max soul capacity for greater fun facility. That said, some can be quite happy – since happiness is generally the absence of pain, and presence of pleasantness.

All of these core deficiencies can eventually show up in LTRs and create problems, which was the point of this post.