Proper Girlfriend Care and Feeding

If you have a live-in girlfriend or wife, this post will give several tips that will make your relationship easier and more pleasant.

Your girlfriend’s biological base is of paramount importance in determining the amount of “face time” time you must put in with her.

If she’s cranky, tired, unhealthy, bored, etc., you will unavoidably feel the effects of this.

This post will cover three tips to fix the above girlfriend states:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Entertainment

Diet – Eliminate the Garbage, and Add Scallops

Let’s cover diet first, because it’s the most important.

You want her to eat a reasonably paleo diet. It can be difficult to get girls to change what they eat. Be patient and wait for opportune moments, such as when she’s scared about some health issue. Don’t try to force the issue unless you have sufficient hand.

The main goals are to get her to eliminate wheat, sugar, and processed foods.

After that, try to feed her scallops and white rice for carbs. Scallops will increase her libido, mood and energy. White rice is a very safe and stable carb. You probably won’t ever get a solid lock on her optimal diet because most girls don’t go in for self experimentation. So just try to move her in this direction. For example, when you’re eating a meal of scallops, share some with her.

Exercise – Kettleball Swings

Next let’s talk about exercise.

As her diet improves, she will have a lot more energy. This is better than her being tired, cranky and needy. But it still requires time and energy from you to match her energy level.

The solution is to give her a low impact exercise she wants to follow, that can be done any time.

The best exercise for this is the kettleball swing, as popularized by Tim Ferriss. This will improve her bust and ass and tone her whole body and burn fat. Explain its benefits to her in light of her primary insecurities.

Teach her how to do it together, which will be fun for both of you. It’s an appealing exercise to watch. And the equipment is quite cheap – a 12 lb dumbbell works fine for my sub-100 lb girlfriend.

While most weight lifting advice says to limit reps to permit healing periods and promote muscle growth, we have another goal with our girlfriend exercise program – burning off her excess energy. This follows Cesar Millan’s doctrine that a dog must be exercised thoroughly before it can achieve the desired calm-submissive state. This advice applies across all mammals, including humans.

The kettleball swing is something she can do on her own while watching TV. It lets her bleed off her excess energy. If she’s getting too exuberant, make her do a few sets and she’ll calm right down. You can tell her directly that you’re doing this, it doesn’t matter.

Entertainment – Absorb and Educate Her

Lastly, let’s talk about entertainment. I’m guessing you don’t want to be your girlfriend’s 24/7 entertainment center. So you need to find ways to occupy her time.

This last step requires more personal customization than the other two. Tastes vary by girl. TV is always a good time drainer. Reading is more productive, and can also help you shape her mind into something more pleasant to you.

I can only speak from my experience here. My girlfriend watches a lot of Chinese television with an on-demand streaming program called PPS. This is great for me. But I also wanted to shape her mind. So I got her a Sony e-reader, which was a huge hit. I’m having her read the Chronicles of Narnia to improve her written English and also indoctrinate her in basic Christianity, thus killing multiple birds with one stone.

Decide your own program according to your goals and her tastes. The less bored she is, the less time you will have to spend entertaining her or reassuring her with future projections, etc. Remember that women are designed to be constantly immersed in the social and work and emotional moment. Fill the hours of your girlfriend’s day accordingly.

The End Result – Healthy, Happy, Hot and Low Maintenance

The end result of implementing these tips is that your girlfriend will be healthier, happier, hotter, hornier, and require less of your time and emotional energy to maintain. For the minimal investment required to implement these steps, the payoff is well worth your while.