Paleo-Phrenology and the New Face-ism

Premise 1: There are six major races, ranked by IQ:

High: Neanderthal, Melonhead, Starchild
Moderate: Cro Magnon, Mongoloid
Low: Negroid/Aboriginal

Notes on intelligence:

  • Neanderthal: Visuospatial vs.verbal IQ ratio unknown; suspect both are high. Math correlation known.
  • Melonhead: Suspect verbal IQ is higher than visuospatial in most cases.
  • Starchild: Unknown, suspect high verbal
  • Cro Magnon: Baseline, average 100, blending to 90 as Neanderthal component decreases
  • Mongoloid: East Asian equivalent to Cro Magnon, except more visuospatial and less verbal. Verbal is relevant for GDP and most human achievement. Blends to 90 as Neanderthal decreases.
  • Negroid/Aboriginal: Without white admixture, average below 85. Malnutrition makes precise calculation difficult.

World GDP vs current national IQ

Approx IQ of indigenous populations

Premise 2: The three high-IQ races are mixed into the general population everywhere but Sub-Saharan Africa.

Corollary 1: You will rarely or never see a perfect, original example of a high-IQ racial type.

Corollary 2: You can estimate an individual’s IQ and certain psychological characteristics by visually inspecting the skull to determine which race contributed which features.

Premise 3: The Neanderthal line appears to have evolved on Earth. There is no evidence of Melonhead evolution, unless it is buried under Antarctic ice. The Starchild line is not of Earthly origin.

* Reading Heads and Faces

** The original types

*** Closest fleshy analogues

Early Neanderthal



cro magnon (majority white Homo Sapiens)

*** Variants exist within the high-IQ races:

Melon variants:

Center Cone:

Back Cone:


Neanderthal variants:



** Frontal feature analysis

The face presents several categories of information about the individual’s psychology.

Here are the key dimensions:
Eye spacing
Eye size
Eye socket depth
Shape of back of the head

Facial testosterone is also relevant to psychological makeup, although not tied to any race. Testosterone expresses through the masculinity of the face, e.g. chin and jawline and bone prominence.

*** Meaning of each feature

Next I’ll break down each feature and discuss its impact. Note that in addition to individual feature characteristics, the combination of features from the same race creates a synergistic reinforcing effect. Likewise, combining features from different races sometimes has unanticipated side effects.

**** Socket depth

***** Deep sockets – Neanderthal

Deep sockets indicate several things, in descending order of strength:
Singleminded focus
Social impairment
Intellectual altruism/justice
Intellectual genius potential

Deep eye sockets essentially result in intellectual Aspergers.

Focus here means monomania: drilling into a subject compulsively over an extended period of time; learning everything about it; not letting go until you’ve got it sorted; becoming obsessed with thinking and talking about it to the exclusion of everything else.

Honesty is part of the same interrelated attribute cluster. The world is seen in black and white, truth/justice terms. Intellectual organization takes on a high priority in the brain. False statements violate this priority and are rejected with contempt.

Altruism/justice is also related. Abstract thought lends itself to universals, therefore the world is seen in those terms. This usually results in a strict moral code, although it can also result in adoption of something that glorifies self-interest like Objectivism. In either case, intellectual principles and systematization are the common thread.

Intellectual genius means that individuals with this trait tend to come up with humanity’s major conceptual, artistic and engineering innovations.

Lastly, social impairment. Given the above mental characteristics, social impairment is not surprising. Having such a heavily engaged logical brain does not lend itself to navigation of fuzzy organic social realities. The truth drive is often orthogonal to or directly contrary to social self-interest.

***** Shallow sockets – Melonhead

Shallow sockets do not NECESSARILY indicate dishonesty. What they do indicate is that the obsessive truth drive compulsion isn’t present. Some characteristics:

Flexibility of focus, shorter attention span, multitasking
Social facility
Training/manipulative capacity
Self interest (of self and others) paradigm
Possible serendipity/luck/manifestation/charismatic powers

The first three are simply inverses of deep sockets and easy to figure out. Note that it’s not INABILITY to focus necessarily, but rather lack of compulsive inclination to do so.

Whereas deep sockets are bad at influencing, training and manipulating others since they tend to perceive things in terms of absolute principle, those with Melon sockets are highly skilled influencers.

Shallow sockets doesn’t necessarily mean the individual is a selfish psychopath, but rather that he views the world in terms of self-interested individuals attempting to advance their own agendas. A large part of Melon charisma is their willingness to help others achieve their objectives, and their ability to see what people want and how they think.

The special powers of the Melons range from the mundanely explicable, such as apparent luck and serendipity arising from their social facility and charisma, to more bizarre phenomenon such as manifestation and uncanny attractive powers over animals. Whereas Neanderthals display the sympathetic animal facility one would expect from the race that originally domesticated dogs, livestock, geese, etc, Melons display a magical facility more reminiscent of Adam in the Garden of Eden. A Neanderthal can tame an animal; a Melon doesn’t need to.

**** Eye spacing

This is sort of the inverse of socket depth. Whereas socket depth indicates the intellectual cast of the mind, eye spacing indicates the emotional cast. The wider the spacing, the greater the emotional Asperger’s. Some characteristics of wide spacing:

extreme altruism
lack of ego

You can see children with wide spaced eyes doing stuff like giving away their toys, and that sort of behavior continues through adulthood.

Narrow spacing is then the opposite:

emotional capacity for cruelty/lack of empathy (*1)
egocentric selfishness
emotional aggressiveness

The best way I can describe narrow-set eyes is ego-centeredness, or in crude terms “selfishness”. Narrow eyes have emotional processing centered on their ego self interest, whereas wide eyes have emotional processing centered on others’ interests.

Typically you will see narrow-eyes manipulating and deceiving for gain at the expense of others, while wide eyes will sacrifice to nurture and benefit others.

(*1) I say “emotional” here to distinguish from testosterone, which is physical aggression and dominance, and eye size, which relates to sensitivity. E.g. big narrow set eyes would be egocentric but not very cruel or aggressive due to high sensitivity. The “cruelty” would be expressed as lower than expected empathy, and some willingness to do minor deception or manipulation for self gain. Eye size and spacing are correlated, but it’s not 100%.e

Here are some examples of the anti-correlational extremes:

smallish wide-set eyes:

largish close-set eyes:

**** Eye size

Eye size is pretty straightforward, unlike the others. It’s straight-up sensitivity. How fast do tears well up in your eyes? How capable are you of sustaining conflict with your in-group? (Today the “in-group” has many degrees and ambiguity.)

Small eyes are capable of being the tough guy, the rude jerk (socially; doing it on the internet is different). They can be more aggressive and less empathetic without paying an internal emotional price.

I don’t want to say more about this because I’d risk confusing it with eye spacing. They’re related but not the same. Think of eye spacing as the emotional locus of ego, and eye size as emotional core shielding. (Damn I’m good.)

A tough sweetheart:

A selfish non-jerk:

*** Areas for further research

It’s been suggested that the Mousterian Neanderthal feature set (deep sockets, elongated lower face, hooked nose) indicates manipulation and parasitism against the out-group. I don’t have enough information to confirm or deny this.

There is some evidence that the hooked nose indicates a douchebag. For example, they seem to be disproportionately represented in this pickpocketing documentary:

That said, I do not think there’s anything to the classic phrenologists’ map of the human skull. It’s far too detailed.

In general, I believe the vast labors of previous generations in cataloguing the racial types and noting behavioral patterns are valuable and truthy. If anyone can direct to more of this sort of information, I’d be grateful. The European type does tend to degrade as one goes south and east from the European heartland – as one can see by looking at national IQ scores.

Yet this past body of work is flawed, in that it fails to take into account that individuals from the three high-IQ races are interspersed among all the non-Sub-Saharan races. When those genes are expressed, they tend to override the racial average.

Lastly, the Starchild skull features are not well understood. They seem to be similar to Melonheads. There are negative accusations against them, but I will withhold judgment until I’ve reviewed more examples. There may be an ancient instinctual enmity between Starchildren and Melonheads, at least on the Melonhead side.

** Back of head analysis

The back of the head is simpler to read, but the effects are harder for people to grasp.

There are three case: Melon, Neanderthal, and Starchild.

*** Starchild

If the sides bulge out, it’s Starchild.

We don’t know how Starchildren think yet, so let’s move on.

*** Neanderthal

The back of the Neanderthal skull looks like his head swallowed a football. You’ve got a long flat top and a football end sticking out the middle of the back.

George St. Pierre, left.

Another MMA fighter

It’s not that pronounced on MMA fighters, who aren’t particularly intellectual. Here’s a more extreme example from our forum:

This bump in the back is a vestige of the original Neanderthal skull shape:

*** Melonhead

Melonheads are pretty hard to miss, once you know they exist. Check Marc Andreessen out:

Other coneheads come to a point swept towards the back, which seems to be more common in the Middle East:

Still others have a sort of bulbous dome:

Anyway, it’s not hard to tell the difference between Neanderthal and Melonhead. It’s footballs versus eggheads.

*** Melonhead vs. Neanderthal back psychology

Neanderthals are small group, hierarchically flat people. Melonheads are big group people, and natural rulers. Thus they have different psychologies.

The dichotomy I propose for back of head vs. front of head is spiritual versus emotional. People often get confused or propose alternative dichotomies. Pay careful attention to how I’m using the terms, and I think you’ll see why this dichotomy, though imperfect, is the best available.

My lettering system is:
First letter = back of head
Second letter = face

So an MT means a Melon back and Thal front. (Thal stands for Neanderthal.)

**** Neanderthals – mad dreamer

The Neanderthal bump is an enlarged visual center, hence its name, the “mad dreamer” lobe. It expresses through dreams and visions and intuitive cognitions. It has an integrating, systematic component. Those with the mad dreamer lobe are driven to intellectually systematize – not as an emotional obsessive compulsion, but as a spiritual drive. The resulting concepts have a characteristic of visual clarity and order.

The mad dreamer lobe finds deep peace and satisfaction in the simplicity of a harmonious life at home and among close lifelong friends.

It represents the deep inner life of the Neanderthal. The dreaming watchman standing guard through the night; the gentle family man; the lively engagement of inner life with nature and his environment. Contentment without social ambition.

Note that I am talking about the spiritual component here; it is entirely possible to have a Melon front and a Thal back. In which case, the emotional processing style would not match the spiritual needs very well, potentially resulting in conflict.

TT’s are satisfied to wonder. Nobody else is. It’s typical for TT’s to do poorly in any dogmatic or hierarchical situation because they ask questions that disturb and don’t think within the lines.

**** Melonheads – Adamic/Pharaonic

The Melonhead spiritual drive is for ambition, dominance, ordering of society according to rightness. It is a spirit of fire – it warms others by charisma, it fills the individual with fiery emotion, and it has conflagrated the globe in the persons of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Lincoln, and FDR, to name a few. Whoever occupies a position of great social or economic influence by his own doing is probably Melon. That goes for religious leaders, financiers, and political leaders.

When you couple a Melon back with a Thal front, you get honesty plus ambition to impact society. Dana White is a great example – a straight-shooter dedicated to the cause of bringing MMA to the world. King Leopold II is another example – an unpopular social incompetent who committed genocide out of dogged self-destructive determination to realize his vision of Belgium’s colonial aggrandizement. By contrast, Stalin, Hitler and Mao were MM’s, and their demo/genocides had much more to do with pragmatic self interest – the ideologies that brought them to power and enabled them to keep it.

Cro Cop and Chuck Liddell are examples of MT’s – fiery driven fighters who are nonetheless humble, honest and straightforward. In terms of emotional processing they are quite similar to TT fighters like Fedor Emelianenko and George St. Pierre, but spiritually they are completely different. Instead of fire, the latter two’s spirits exemplify water.

An MT’s dominance drive starts expressing at puberty, but even before that you can discern the difference between a spirit of fire and a spirit of water. A young MT will tell truth so that truth is known socially, and desire to see justice enforced socially. A young MM will show uncanny charisma and social savvy, easily getting her way. A TT will not have any sort of social transformation objectives, but will behave with total openness, vulnerability and altruism.

Lest you think that a spirit of water is weak, recall that the mentally toughest fighter the world has ever seen was TT. TT’s can break easily by in-group betrayal, but against out-group enemies they do not know fear or pain. An MT/MM’s flames burn brighter and higher, yet can be extinguished. A TT has no flame to extinguish; he will keep fighting to the last drop.

This is fundamentally a function of large group versus small group incentives. An Mx male’s spirit supplies fiery incentive to rise through the social hierarchy, but it’s not worth dying over. He can accept a lower rung and save his own life. A Tx on the other hand only fights to protect his 10-12 person tribe. There is no point in yielding, reproductively speaking.

**** Differentiating the spiritual from the emotional

If you’re still confused about the difference between spiritual and emotional, here are a few insights:

The emotional feels more biological, while the spiritual feels like the real you.

The emotional is more about your state in the moment, your social performance, your immediate reactions to things, the style of your intellectual patterns.

The spiritual is about what gives you deep lasting satisfaction (or its opposite), regardless of emotional ups and downs. It’s about drives that persist across moods. It is your higher self.

Again, this is just the “best fit” dichotomy available for the cluster of traits controlled by the back of the head versus the face. I am not trying to make any statement about theology, for example.

** Practical Utility of Neo-Faceism

The usefulness of face-reading can hardly be overstated. Whether it’s mate selection, friend evaluation, employee hiring, boss selection, guru adoption, or political candidate consideration, face reading always supplies highly relevant information.

Can you trust the promises of the shallow socketed politician who gives you goosebumps? Not likely. Would the big eyed shallow socketed egg head make a good friend? Definitely. Is the deep socketed small eyed MT jock really a huge jerk? Nope, he’s got a sense of honor and fair play. What about the guy you’ve just met with shallow sockets and small narrow set eyes who seems friendly and cool? Brace yourself and watch your back. Will your good-natured joke be taken as a entertaining humor or unpardonable offense? The big wide-set eyed guy will laugh, the beady narrow-set guy may try to kill you.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t date the Cro-Mag faced narrow set beady-eyed woman, unless you enjoy cuckoldry by orgy. However, she’s probably up for a one night stand, and you can bring a friend.

Last but not least, reading yourself gives invaluable insight into your psychological needs, strengths and weaknesses.