Neanderthal women, facial sluttiness, child prodigies, and history’s smartest people

* Thal women in movies:

For an easy introduction to the world of Neanderthal women, have a look at what Hollywood has to offer.

Bridge to Terabithia – perfect representation of a female Thal, as she would have been. Female Thals today will not be so emotionally undamaged. Worth watching. Tear-jerker.

Moonrise Kingdom – it’s a Thal story of innocence and alienation. Not a perfect representation, but it hits the core message. Worth watching.

The Royal Tenenbaums – tries to be about child prodigies, actually is just a liberal wet dream. Not worth watching, except as an example of what extraordinary people aren’t like, and for insight into liberal psychology.

** Real child prodigies

Here’s what real child prodigies look like: very very Thal. That means social impairment, autism, and lots of math.

Jake, autistic math/science genius  (embedding disabled, click to view)

Series on high IQ children:

Hilarious how the kid is writing letters to his MP protesting the bureaucracy’s attempts to force him to attend school, and the letters have offended the fat old MP with their arrogant tone. Definitely Thal, maybe even MT.

Note that children, like women, have less pronounced brows than adult males, and so their socket depth can be harder to gauge.

Here’s a series on the smartest people who ever lived; it’s well worth watching the whole thing.

Most of the people featured are Thal. However a few, such as Goethe and Swedenborg, are Melonheads. You can tell the Melonheads by their eclecticism and social accomplishment.

* Real life Thal women

Megan Orsi, who found nerd girl fame as “the girl with the photoshop tattoo,” is a good example of the kind of things that Thal girls do. Her action doesn’t make sense from a social value maximization perspective. Instead, she is motivated by abstract obsessiveness – in this case, pursuing excellence with Photoshop.

Note her large eyes and deep sockets.

Thal girls don’t always end up as the respectable nerdette Photoshop mom. They can easily go the other way.

Note her especially wide eye spacing and large eyes. That indicates very high complaisance and sensitivity – a “pleaser” personality. Thus she’s a porn star. Note her reaction to getting screwed over by the cop at 2:10 – this is something that happens to her often.

** Faces and sluttiness

Here’s what I’ve noted about female sluttiness vs. facial type:

  • giving, complaisance- wide eyes
  • ego-driven, aggressive, psychopathic – narrow eyes
  • dissociative, truth/direct, social impairment – deep sockets
  • social facility to control or dominate, hypergamic ambition, takes things personally – shallow sockets
  • vulnerability – eye size

So for example, wide eyes and deep sockets might be slutty to please and fit in, without investing heavily emotionally. But she could then easily transition into a long term stable committed relationship with deep attachment.

Meanwhile a chick with shallow small narrow eyes might be a hypergamic man-eater, collecting trophies and a huge notch count like a man.

The above list doesn’t really reflect the difference between melon and cro mag chicks. Cro Mags will be more perverse, fucking for libido. Melon chicks will be more ambitious, fucking for status.

Generally speaking, the face alone doesn’t reveal whether she’s a slut, but rather, if she’s a slut, how.  Although a high testosterone face with narrow set small eyes is a pretty good bet that yeah, she’s a slut.

*** Super sluts

Let’s take a look at some super sluts.

One such is Biannca Lake. Note her small, narrow set eyes and testosterone-laden face:

Here’s another who’s slept with 5000 men. Heavy testosterone, again. She may have a bit of socket depth – always practicing safe sex, never the same partner, keeps perfect records, quite monomaniacal about it:

I don’t inlude Annabel Chong on this list because she was gang rabed and then libtard indoctrinated before starting her spree. But I suspect there was a Neanderthal component to her attempt to literally follow feminist ideology into record-setting gangbangville.

** Super cutie

Enough with the sluts!

Here’s a few videos from one of my favorite Thal chicks, Jenna Marbles.

Very wide-set, large eyes, with deep sockets.

Deep sockets: Directness, cursing, sarcasm – masculine traits that endear her to guys (because these traits are balanced by strong feminie traits). Hates cro mag girl behavior. Drinks a lot to overcome awkwardness and introversion. Objectively works to make herself attractive. Admits she’s fucking ugly without makeup. However, not enough socket depth to be totally introverted and socially crippled.

Wide, big eyes – super nice, nutty over animals.

Overall – very weird goofball, but intelligent, and a sweetheart.

** Female socket depth

I have a lot of trouble gauging female socket depth. Women’s faces show less pronounced bone structure than men’s. Also, women’s psych profiles tend to cluster together more than men’s. Raw attractiveness has a major effect on life trajectory as well. Thus it’s more difficult to correlate facial features with personality traits.

The main problem is that the female brow is less pronounced. With men I simply look at distance from tip of eyeball to furthest projection of brow directly above it, on the profile shot. With women it’s not that simple. So instead I use a combined metric.

I look at the depth of the triangle shaped eye socket divot into the side of the skull, and the shape of the socket, in addition to the usual male test.

A deep Aspergery chick will be apparent by the male brow test, but that’s rare. For intermediate cases, you have to look at the overall socket picture.

Check out these profile pics, in (rough) descending order of Thalness. Bear in mind that none of these ladies are Aspie/Autistic level.

Now look at these Jenna Marbles pics, which are the closest to profile pics I could find. By the male brow test, her sockets aren’t that deep, but she shows the deep triangular divot.

Basically, women have less testosterone, so their brows protrude less. But the Neanderthal chicks will still have the sockets that fall away at the sides of the head, like so:

* A bit of fun

Freakshow ahead – Thal-melon pair: Joe Prais and CC Perkinson.

Joe is a deep socket Thal with narrow set eyes. She’s a melon with small eyes. He enjoys getting dominated by her. He’s completely her bitch.

The dude who wins is a straight melon alpha.


Yep, turns out Jenna Marbles has Thal sockets, as I thought. Probably the deepest on this page:

It might look like these photos are stretched, but they aren’t. Thals have oblong heads, like footballs.


Two Thal women melting down over animal objects of lifelong anticipation: