My take on PUA

Fighting with the ‘tards at in Male Fide, and reading the ongoing PUA vs. MRA debate, have spurred me to elaborate my thoughts on PUA and its utility in koanic technology.

Let’s begin with some knowns.

  • Inner personality misconfiguration results in outward social miscalibration.
  • Women are highly sensitive to social miscalibration.
  • Personality configurations that result in social rankings of delta, gamma, omega or lambda are suboptimal.
  • Personality configurations that result in alpha or sigma are probably ideal, and perhaps beta is ok too.
  • Women prefer to have sex with alphas and sigmas, and in general with those who rank higher on the social hierarchy, and they have a high innate talent for detecting this ranking.
  • Practicing PUA is the fastest way to get rapid, honest, detailed and comprehensive social feedback.
  • PUA gurus therefore are a continual source of powerful insight into the functioning and improvement of male personality.

From these knowns, it’s easy to see the uses of PUA for koanic technology. It provides immediate feedback that tells you whether your personality configuration is broken. PUA gurus provide inspiration and insight into personality management.

Now let’s consider the limitations of PUA:

  • PUA is not a complete spiritual or life solution. It is focused on one aspect – Game.
  • PUA advice tends to excessively promote promiscuity, since that is most men’s goal.
  • Mainstream PUA practice can be expensive and/or time-consuming.
  • Bad PUA advice or implementation can result in serious miscalibration.

Taken as a whole, what does this mean?

Those interested in personality transformation should pay attention to Game. However, they need not dogmatically immerse in it.

PUA cannot tell you whether your personality configuration is complete or perfect. However, it can show you many places where it is commonly broken.

You should select your gurus, schools, and PUA branches depending on your needs, goals and personality.

You can use koanic technology to shortcut the lengthy process of gaining “reference experiences”. E.g., going out 1000 nights in a row may be unnecessary, especially if you’re a Christian, since your goal is not massive promiscuity.

Inner Game is more likely to be relevant than Outer Game to those focused on personality transformation. However, Outer Game contains many insights applicable to Inner Game, in one way or another.

So, that is my viewpoint on Game. Does it make me a PUA?

I wouldn’t say I am a practicing PUA. I have been an active PUA in the past, but right now I do not “go out” in the PUA sense or do cold daygame approaches. I do not deliberately use any PUA techniques in daily life, although I am capable of analyzing my social interactions in PUA terms.

However, I am and continue to be influenced by PUA. This makes me a PUA in the broad sense, since those who are open to PUA continue to be a minority.