Musings on Eden(s)

Four creations of “man”

We have four broad creation possibilities:

1. Monotheistic extra-dimensional God creates Fore-Melons “in his own image” in a paradisiacal Garden of Eden
2. Traveler “gods” genetically engineer psychic food slaves on Earth for religious worship
3. High-tech Melon forerunners from Nbiru genetically engineer Earth-melons for gold mining
4. Earth-melons genetically engineer Sapiens for comfort.

I’d guess that, based on the darkness and inhumanity of the Travelers, they are feeders rather than breeders. I don’t think they made us. However they are interested in being worshipped by us (at times, as the fancy strikes), which is why they hijacked many of Earth’s Melon megalithic societies.

Nbiru as the first Eden

Lloyd believes that the Melons came from Nbiru, a large brown dwarf star/planet in a long (3,500 year) eccentric orbit around the Sun. Nbiru would be warm enough from massive gravity to sustain life. The oceans would glow with light from within.
This sounds very similar to the description of the Garden of Eden. A place without death, where water springs up from the ground. The absence of solar radiation and harsh weather might make extreme longevity possible.

Other spots in our solar system

Nbiru has to account for three different non-terrestrial races:

1. Starchildren
2. Melonheads
3. Travelers

That’s a bit much even for a brown dwarf. But look around our solar system. We’ve got Mars, which looks like somebody blasted the life off of it. And we’ve got the asteroid belt, which supposedly was once the planet Tiamat. A collision between Nbiru and Tiamat destroyed the latter.

An alternative interpretation has Tiamat as the primordial asteroid belt. Its chaos threatened the stability of the solar system. In some cataclysm it was defeated, and most of its mass ejected from the solar system. Then its water seeded Earth’s oceans and atmosphere. This fits the story of Marduk gathering “blowing away” Tiamat from the inside, then gathering her chaotic waters with the four winds to perform creation.

That leaves the Travelers and Starchildren unexplained. Travelers fit into the “angel” saga of the Bible. The Starchildren look to me like Martians. Their thin necks and unstable heads appear designed for lower gravity. Their radically larger eyes might be well suited to a dimmer, Red Planet. At some point, Mars was stripped of its atmosphere in an orbital cataclysm, explaining the rareness of the Starchildren.

Thus we have life originating on Nbiru, perhaps even before the planet was captured by our solar system. Finally the odd Genesis account of a planet formed before a solar system makes sense. Multiple (sometimes cataclysmic) passes through our solar system seeded Earth and possibly Mars with life, and later with exploitative humanoid colonists.

Meaning of mud and breath

In both Genesis and the Enuma Elish (EE), God creates man out of a mixture of mud and either God’s “breath” or “blood”. This seems a likely analogue for genetic engineering of Earth’s melons – the mud being the hominoids, the blood/breath being God’s chromosomes. Or, it could be a literal account of the creation of the Fore-melons on Nbiru.

A super extra-dimensional like Jesus had a physical body with DNA, but was ultimately not bound by it. DNA itself could have extra-dimensional origins.

Eden’s purpose & fall

What does the story of Eve and the apple mean?

There are two possibilities:

1. The “Knowledge of Good and Evil” was sex
2. The “Knowledge of Good and Evil” was Ayahuastic communion with Travelers

If Eden was a genetic engineering project, perhaps the makers wanted to keep the hybrids pure. When they started breeding amongst themselves, that signaled a loss of control over the project. Hence their exile from Eden.

Considering the command, “Be fruitful, and multiply,” and also that Eve sinned by herself first (hur hur), it seems unlikely that sex is the answer. We’re left with the Travelers. And if anything could corrupt Edenic innocence, it’s psychic contact with Travelers.

This answers the seemingly rhetorical question, “Who told you that you are naked?” It fits the Traveler M.O. of offering enlightenment to psychedelic enthusiasts. Satan’s original temptation was wisdom. Melons have long worshipped the wise serpent.

After that, though, things get fuzzy. The story seems to switch into allegory and start skipping huge swathes of time. What does banishment from the Garden mean? We (too quickly) arrive at the story of Cain and Abel, where Cro Magnon murders Neanderthal. A huge passage of time has been elided, including the Enumma Elish story of the creation of the slaves.

Thals Earth’s true heirs

“The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

The cone shaped ribcage of the Neanderthals, and their high IQ even before admixture, combined with their unique psychological imprint in surviving hybrids, all point to Earth’s true legitimate high-IQ hominid line.

We see no extra-terrestrial analogues for Neanderthal intelligence. There is no “Football head” with a massive occipital bun. Instead we see a long line of missing (Neanderthal) links.

As Tex said, “They don’t know anything about anybody other than the Neanderthal. The Neanderthal is the old man of the earth. The others are riddles without solutions.”

In addition to the Neanderthals, Earth generated a wide range of other bipedal, near human intelligence, non-speaking hominoids. These are the pre-humans of mainstream anthropology. The children of Zana were of average intelligence and very ugly. For whatever reason, only the Neanderthals underwent enough glacial K-selection to develop Earth’s version of human intelligence.

Melon archaelogical history

The Sumerians appear to be one of the first sites of contact with the Melon rulers. But they have also been found in South America, South Africa, Egypt. Tex agrees, and I’m just uncovering stuff he’s known for a long time.

Melon thal war

Here’s Tex’s take on the war between Melon and Neanderthal. It seems certain that this war took place, from the Epic of Gilgamesh and the odd phenomenon of genetically engineered Sapiens bursting into Europe.