Micro-Tribalism – Interaction Without Investment

I recently had a conversation with a Neanderhall applicant of my genetic type – MT, high testosterone. He was frustrated with his inability to game and bang girls unless drunk.

One thing I advised him to try, was to view others as non-tribe members unless they met his checklist. This is a method of emotional shielding, and a way to increase dark triad expression.

I started thinking about this more, and realized it was a great idea for a koan / mental construct.

** Your Mental “Tribe”

Here are the rules of your “tribe”:

  1. Your tribemates are the people you trust implicitly, and are completely vulnerable with. They are the equivalent of the original Neanderthal tribe.
  2. Someone can be added only once. If you eject him, it’s permanent.
  3. The number of people can be no greater than 11, 12 counting you.
  4. You can only add those you are in frequent visual contact with.
  5. Everyone else is not a tribe member. Treat them like outsiders.

Your tribe starts with just you and God. Talk to him constantly through tongues to carry a sense of community wherever you go.

** The koans

I use the koan (the Tribe) in two places – the heart, and the “shades” corneas koan.

The first location reminds me that I live for my tribe. The second location gives me coolness towards non-members.

** Why it works

Someone with Neanderthal emotional programming – who has wide spaced, deep socketed, large eyes – is emotionally designed for interactions with the same 11 people for his whole life.

When he meets a succession of new people or operates in social groups larger than 12, he experiences huge amounts of anxiety, confusion and debilitation.

This happens because he has no emotional shielding. His default mode is to form egoless perfectly vulnerable attachments to the people around him.

The solution is to deny that these people are tribemates, and view them as outsiders instead. This flips a switch and allows the Neanderthal to interact without investing.

The Neanderthal must strongly resist all claims of group membership, group obligation, group identity, etc. These are important for getting Cro-Mags to behave, but they are disastrously destructive to the Neanderthal psyche. It invites him to extend his trust over an unsustainably and suicidally large group. That includes even the family, as many forum members have learned the sad way. And it also includes the nation and the church.

The only people a Neanderthal has anything in common with are other Neanderthals. But that alone doesn’t make them your brethren. Remember, Neanderthals were completely uninterested in each other unless they were members of the same tribe – i.e. lifelong friends.

For most of you, the sooner you realize you’re walking alone, the easier it will go.