Know your Game generations

Game has a negative results curve “initially,” and depending on the student and the teacher, “initially” can last years or forever. Screwing yourself up is very possible, as is wasting tons of money. (I’ve never spent a dollar on Game, just downloaded ebooks.)

One of the key ways to avoid screwing yourself is to know which generation of Game the material you’re consuming belongs to.

Here’s my rough outline of Game theory by generation:

.1 Ross Jeffries
.3 NLP
.5 A.t.Seduction.Fast, Major Mark
1 Mystery Method, DeAngelo, David Deida
1.5 Juggler, Mehow, IN10SE, Athol Kay
2.0 Roissy, Roosh, G Manifesto, Assanova
2.5 Narciso Babaero, Mark of Post:Masculine, Hypnotica, RSD, Daniel Rose, Dr. Paul MindOS
3.0 Koanic Soul (humble I ain’t), 4 Hour Body, Cesar Millan

Again, let me emphasize this is not about epicness of a guru’s game, but how advanced the theory is, in terms of generational iteration. Everybody on the list is worth reading.

And a perspective that emphasizes theoretical iteration will inherently devalue outer game, which is why you see far less outer game representation past generation 2.0. Outer game is inherently less theoretical.

This list was hard to construct. I’m not sure about the later stages.

Now I’m wondering what the next generation of Outer Game will be. Even harder to imagine is what the next generation of Inner Game will look like.