IQ comparison of Starchild, Melon and Neanderthal – Who’s the Smartest?

Why am I satisfied that Lloyd Pye isn’t lying about the Starchild? I’ve seen loads of footage of him, and I observe few or no deception/shame tells. With Dr. Sal, I misinterpreted those tells as the hesitancy/fear/shame of a morally complicit informant on the run, breaking his oath. These problems of interpretation don’t exist here. He believes what he’s saying, and he’s not nervous.

Unlike Sal, Pye is open to interrogation, answering his skeptics in detail. His DNA testing and other evidence is likewise open. Practically speaking, lying would be impossible.

While it would be reasonable to suspect bias in his chosen vertical of hominoids, the Starchild was a sideshow that caused him great suffering rather than benefit, and which he doggedly continued out of integrity and duty.

I encourage you to watch this amazing video series on Earth’s first bona-fide alien skull:

Estimated Melon and Starchild IQ

Podethelesser comments:

Working from the Brain volume and IQ data presented in the second link, a linear regression says that a Thal or Melon with a 2000 CC brain would have had an IQ of 343. Assuming the same 2.3% variation of brain volume within races, a bit of handwaving with IQ averages and standard deviations says that their geniuses (3 standard deviations or more above average) would have had IQ’s north of 420. The technology enabled by that level of brainpower would have quickly reached “divine” or “magical” levels.

I wasn’t able to confirm that 2.3% referred to the standard deviation, but it’s a real figure at least. Instead of using standard deviations to extrapolate size as Pode did, I used brain size estimates from normal and largest skulls found for Starchild and Melon types.

My results suggest Pode may have overestimated “genius” Melon and Neanderthal IQ, but that a genius Starchild exceeds his number.

To be fair to Melons and Neanderthals, cranial capacity numbers were hard to find and I may not have found the largest examples.

Source links:

Rh- controversy

An odd chart a reader submitted showed heavy Rh- populations in South America. This appears to be a mislabeled Type O blood map. Rh- concentrates in Europe and East Asians, the two highest IQ groups.

Most Subsaharan African populations are around 97-99% Rh+. East Asians are 93-99+% Rh+. Europeans have the lowest frequency of this blood type for any continent. They are 83-85% Rh+. The lowest known frequency is found among the Basques of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. They are only 65% Rh+.

Sub-saharan Africans have almost no Rh-.

Amygdalas and lib-fags*

A reminder – one of the things the Melons shrank when they built Homo Sapiens was the amygdala:

When it was discovered in the last five years that almost all people with left leaning politics have an amygdala shrunken to uselessness, so obvious it is clearly visible on an X-Ray, most of the left smart enough to realize what they were looking at decided to start calling it “the fear center” and blaming conservative politics on having an “overinflated fear center.” The reality is that the amygdala is the most critical structure in the entire brain, what it really does is keep the animal alive by avoidance of things that are clearly suicidal.

As Anonymous Conservative is always explaining, the best way to combat a shrunken amygdala is with condescending mockery and contempt. For the same reason they do not love truth, they are unable to dissociate from social feedback to process intellectual arguments. You can destabilize them without appearing to have done anything.

*No offense to K-selected homosexuals intended.


I just realized that intelligence may have much more to do with the surface area of the folded surface of the brain than volume. If that’s the case, extrapolating from volume (r^3) may exaggerate surface area delta (r^2) and overestimate large-brain intelligences. Also, it would probably underestimate oblong Melon intelligence compared to spherical Starchildren.

If someone can refer me to more data on the correlation between brain size and intelligence, that would be appreciated. Using the racial averages is pretty rough.