I’m Not the Hating Kind of Racist, I’m the HBD Kind

Tl,dr: There are two kinds of racist: the hating kind, and the HBD kind. The former is emotional and the latter is scientific. I am the second kind. HBD stands for Human Bio-Diversity. I acknowledge that higher IQ races are genetically superior to lower IQ races, in the same way I acknowledge the undeniable fact that an individual with a 200 IQ is genetically superior to me.

One of the dictionary definitions of “racist” is someone who believes certain races are superior to others. My preferred metric for determining superiority is the ability to build advanced civilizations, which is highly IQ dependent. Someone with a different superiority metric might come up with a different racial ranking.

If you think race and IQ don’t exist, you’re an idiot or ignorant, or both.

A racist is one who believes certain races are superior to others.

As it happens, I do not believe I am a full-blooded member of the genetically ultimate race currently inhabiting the Earth.

Let me begin by acknowledging a wildcard – Neanderthal genes. Neanderthals are extinct yet their genetic legacy lives on. I do not have sufficient information to determine whether Neanderthal was superior to Homo Sapiens, as Texas Arcane has come to believe.

Here is my ranking for Homo Sapiens:

Ashkenazi Jew – ~?110?
White Western European Caucasian ~100
East Asian (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore) ~97
American Indian, Arabic and similar 90 IQ – e.g. Eskimo, etc ~90
Southern Asian – Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc ~90
Black African ~80-85
Pygmie and Australian Aboriginal ~?75?

As you can see, this ranking closely follows the IQ rankings for these several genetic stocks. In case of a tie, I preferred higher testosterone and manly vigor.

India and other mixture zones such as Central Asia are not included. The former depends on the caste and the latter is somewhere between White and Southern Asian.

I am only 1/8 Ashkenazi, 7/8 mixed White. Therefore my genetic stock predisposes my descendants not to be in Earth’s uppermost cognitive elite, whatever my individual IQ. Reversion to the mean is a bitch.

This ranking reflects only the GENETIC potential of a race, not their actual historical performance. However, historically speaking, there is ample evidence that genetic intelligence translates into achievement.

Is race the primary paradigm through which one should view the world? Should it be a significant portion of one’s emotional makeup? For me, it is neither. As a Christian, I believe the flesh we inhabit is temporary. Nevertheless, the science and evidence in favor of this ranking is substantial, and I see no reason to modify it simply because today’s crypto-Protestant liberal priesthood pronounces it heresy.

Cowering before a heresy charge is for cunts. I would happily put that entire priesthood to the sword, like their Baal and Asherah worshipping forebears. They are chaff, fit only for burning in hell, leaders astray of the simple, disengenuous and false, with hearts like whitewashed crypts. Their only fruit is the destruction of civilizations, the ruin of happiness, and the spilling of endless oceans of innocent blood.

Back to IQ.

Some of these rankings are much closer than others. I wrote the IQ numbers from memory and could’ve gotten some of them wrong. I looked at verbal IQ only, since that determines economic ability.

In terms of geopolitical power, let’s look at how this breaks down.

Jews are such a small number that we will ignore them for national greatness purposes.

Whites and EA’s are quite close and can reasonably challenge one another’s dominance. Although whites will tend to outperform Asians most of the time, given parity of numbers. Which they don’t have.

The gap between East Asian and the next tier, 90 IQ, is quite large. Power projection over this gap results in effortless domination.

However, the 90 IQ tier can also pretty easily dominate the next tier, blacks, in the 80’s. It would be somewhat messy. You can see how blacks occupy the lowest tier of society in South America. Or you can look at the Arabic treatment of those Blacks not protected from raiding by the Sahara desert.

And blacks are equally capable of dominating the lowest tier, the sub 80’s. They’re only adjacent to the pygmies, but they’ve easily and brutally oppressed them, confining that race to a small inland corner of Africa. The conflict has been very very messy.

It’s not necessarily the raw difference in the averages that counts, but the difference it creates in the number of leaders that race generates above a certain IQ threshold. For GDP, La Griffe du Lion has calculated the threshold to be ~110 verbal. For military and political leadership, it is probably lower. For general social organization, lower still.

The point is that these thresholds magnify the impact of reductions in the mean as they move further away from the relevant threshold.

** How to Avoid Being A Racist

I might avoid calling myself a racist by pretending agnosticism about the metric with which superiority is used. For example, blacks have the highest rhythmic IQ of all the races, and superior fast-twitch muscle performance, and the highest testosterone.

However, I know what counts with me when I consider the races in their proper milieu, civilization building, so I acknowledge that I am in fact a racist.

Or I might pretend it’s necessary to weigh diverse cultural or religious considerations when weighing superiority. But these considerations are less properly genetic, and I do not believe the innate cultural tendencies of any of the races count for nearly as much as the intellectual capacity.

Also, I am more interested in the peak civilizational organization attainable, rather than the average, since all human societies are doomed to cyclical decline and rebirth. So this question is not concerned with whether white civilization, as a whole and on average, has been better than EA or black or whatever. That would be a different definition than I am employing for this specific purpose.

A reasonable person need not be a racist. That is a question of values. But the facts of differential genetic intelligence and the historical impact of the same would be denied only by a blinkered ignoramus or a moron.

Of which there are a great many. Most people, in fact, fall into one or both of those categories. We are running on brains evolved to successfully survive and reproduce in tight-knit hunter bands, not to reason impartially about emotionally charged abstract concepts.

Any consideration of the implications of a singularity must be informed by the known history of intelligence differentials in the history of Earth, including not only competition between races of Homo Sapiens, but also the entire evolutionary chain.

** The Moral, Political, Spiritual, Emotional and Existential Implications of Race Superiority and Inferiority

Knowledge of the superiority or inferiority of one’s race is a heady thing.

One must understand, first of all, that this knowledge is essentially extra-evolutionary. At no point in evolution was IQ and genetic research available in abstract form to competitors.

Secondly, evolution proper has halted, if it ever existed in the first place. It may come back with an ice age or a nuclear holocaust. But for now, civilization’s influence has drowned out or reversed environmental selection.

So my question to those offended or motivated by the racial ranking must be, “Why do you care?”

You were born with a myriad of incapacities, race being only one.

But no, the emotional reaction swells. It’s not fair, it’s not just. It’s wrong.

Well, if you think that’s bad, let me clue you in. As Mad Men put it: “The universe is indifferent.”

You will die. Slowly. Painfully. Or quickly and horribly.

You will suffer innumerable indigities, humiliations.

Everything you do in your entire life will mean nothing. Everyone you knew, loved, hated, fucked, will die. Their flesh will boil in caskets or rot in cheap unsealed coffins.

Have you ever looked at a decomposing corpse? That’s where every single person is headed. Look at your lover’s face and picture it now. In your children’s faces.

All the progress and decline of human civilizations is absolutely meaningless. Nothing you accomplish has the slightest importance. You will be completely forgotten. But not before being misremembered. Your essence will become void. When you die, nothing happens… forever. Which lasts zero subjective seconds. But when those zero seconds end, it won’t be over, because it never began.

Remember all of life before you were born? For you, it never happend. Neither will all of life after you die. Death is creeping towards you second by second. Tick tock. Another minute just passed. Soon you’ll run out, mid-breath.

Life is a complete joke, and the punchline is that everyone is obsessed with his private show. Which will never have anything but an audience of one, and will end without a single rerun or review. A pilot episode, never aired. A manuscript submission, tossed by the overworked reader without even glancing at the title.

Now, against this backdrop of utter meaninglessness, you want to tell me that the facts about racial superiority are unfair?

Or, you want to build your life purpose out of the information?

You might as well build a life purpose out of the difference between the atomic numbers in the periodic table. It has just as much to do with you.

Origins are not morality. Is will never be ought.

Racial inequality, like everything else, is completely meaningless.

** What One Should Do

Now of course I am not a nihilist, I have a revealed religion that is a source of both ought’s and purpose.

And the rest of you are such muddle-headed nitwits that you’ll go right on pretending anything can mean something.

So here are my observations about the moral implications of racial inequality.

1. Preservation of national racial homogeneity is of paramount importance.

This is a good general rule. Sure Rome’s merger with the Sabeans turned out alright. The US’s merger with Mexico will not. Neither did its prior immigration waves. Kinship breeds altruism, diversity plus proximity breeds conflict. A stable national culture is essential to the preservation of liberty.

2. Don’t race mix, for your children’s sake.

The world will be kinder to them if you don’t. Of course, you don’t have to give two shits about your children. What have they ever done for you? I myself intend to flout this rule. To each his own.

3. If you want to advance your genetic evolutionary agenda, do 1 at home or 2 abroad.

There’s no reason you should want to advance your genetic agenda. Your genes could’ve given you immortality like a turtle, but they didn’t. You owe them nothing. And even if you did, they are not a personal entity towards which gratitude can be coherently expressed.

However, you can accomplish 1 by preventing immigration or by driving out conquered peoples and settling the territory with your own race. And you can accomplish 2 by race mixing in another racial group’s home territory.

Both of these are zero sum games. However, they are both completely irrelevant in the long run since when the singularity occurs, our new masters will probably dispose of humans the same way we have disposed of the animal kingdom.

So, I recommend the following:

1. You nihilists should dance, fuck and die like the mayflies you believe yourself to be. If you want to care about genes and race, fine, but realize it’s all for you. Don’t go crazy with it. It’s not a religion, just your personal inclination. For example, you also like action films.

2. You nihilistic pharisees should keep your bloody hands off of civilization and try to unfuck yourselves.

3. Those of us who possess a revealed religious purpose should follow that.

Of course, if Texas Arcane is right, then what everyone should be doing is building bunkers and otherwise perfecting underground living. We must close the mineshaft gap!