Go for Sex First, Before Dates, Even if You’re Christian

I recently read this great post from Real Made Man. An excerpt:

Why are women more willing to have sex than they are to go on a date or get into a relationship with a guy? Even with some of my female friends, they were reluctant to go on a date with me, but the instant that I changed my strategy and tried to get them into bed, they hopped right on in without any hard work whatsoever on my part.

Why are women like this? Evolution, baby. (If it happened… if not, then sociobiology. Take your pick.)

Women are very willing to collect one-off alpha seed samples. Psychologically, it helps them settle into a relationship with a stable socially-acceptable beta.

They are far less willing to risk embarrassment. Anything that would compromise their social status is an existential risk, because a woman must have an accepting social support group to survive through pregnancy.

So a relationship is a bigger risk to a woman than a private one-night stand. That’s why it’s much easier to get the latter than the former.

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After extensive discussion in the comments, I realized I should’ve added this to the main article:

I hadn’t specifically thought out how I would do this until just now, which is part of what’s generated all the confusion.

So if I were to go about acquiring a girlfriend/wife/concubine right now, as a Christian, and I weren’t targeting uber-pure Church queens, then I’d do the following:
1. Heavy script-flipping
2. Make-out to bra off, panties on, to inspect the goods.
3. At least a 1 week trial period before sex.
4. Probably a finger inspection for virginity (not necessarily required)*.
5. Maybe bring her off, but definitely don’t bother getting my own nut.

Obviously lots of 1. is required to overcome the lost momentum of not pulling the trigger on the quick bang. It’s advanced Game, no doubt.

And I wouldn’t say ANYTHING about my real reasons for delaying sex, i.e. that I view it as a lifelong commitment, but rather just frame it in Game qualification terms.

*The girl being a virgin gives extra legs to an LTR, for both him and her.