Freedom from Social Anxiety (And the Limitless Pill)

Illuminatus, aka Edward Cottrill, has written an excellent book on social anxiety. It’s so good, I felt moments of jealousy reading it.

You can tell from Illuminatus’ writing that he’s a Neanderthal front, probably full. It’s important for Neanderthals to take their social skills advice from other Neanderthals. What a melon has to say about it is usually interesting, but he doesn’t face the same issues.

Illuminatus has seriously struggled with social anxiety, both genetic and trauma-induced. He’s also overcome it. He’s the real deal. When he talks about doing street walk exercises, I know we are speaking the same language.

This book will leave you feeling clear and relaxed. It is exceedingly simple, yet impacts you deeply. It is required reading for any Neanderthal introvert who’s ever dealt with social anxiety.

There were two things I didn’t like about the book. First, it doesn’t mention drugs. For that you need to go to the forum. These posts are a good starting point:

  • Tramadol (the “Limitless” pill)
  • Neurotransmitters

Second, some of the advice is too beta for my taste. Perhaps this is just the MT in me, that can’t chill like a TT. I thought the “win-win, always give” section was a little naive. However, there’s certainly a place for that attitude. I employ it when meeting other Thals. Moreover, TT’s are probably better off avoiding most situations where douchebaggery is prevalent and psychopathic approaches are required. In this, Illuminatus is like Mark Manson. Both seem to have melon super-alpha mentors – Aaron Sleazy for Illuminatus and some band guy for Manson.

With that out of the way, here’s what’ve learned from Illuminatus (in my own words):

Anxiety is not the end. It’s just a checkpoint. Experience the feeling without resistance, in all its detail. Then you will move into opiod release (feels good).

Your overlays (thoughts, emotions that flash up) are not you.

Repeat the phrase, “See through my own eyes,” to be present, rather than seeing through overlays.

In an anxious situation, tell your brain, “Engage with the new experience,” to become present.

Don’t have an (overlay) agenda.

Reject a “conditional happiness” worldview.

When you’re done reading his book, you should head to the forum. There’s a lot of great content there that isn’t mentioned in the book.

A lesson from the forum:

But I did the right thing. I saw it for what it was – an isolated incident with no reason behind it, and no inherent personal meaning for me – and just recorded some new experiences to make myself forget about it.

Illuminatus emphasizes desensitization through being present during anxiety in the book. This quote from the forum sums it up for me:

Other methods are:

-Getting lots and lots of new experiences (global detagging), e.g. travel
-Maintaining presence in situations that previously caused anxiety

They all need to be used together to create a really powerful way of living.

In my experience, reducing threat analysis is the number one priority. This leaves a lot more focus for pleasurable things. Consequently serotonin begins to rise, and the dopamine reward hit for pleasure is a LOT more striking.

Finally, an excellent insight on meditation. I’ll summarize:

Stare at a single point to control focus during meditation. Overlays require eye movement. Resist the movement to make the thoughts go away permanently, and feel clear and happy. You can also use this to fall asleep quickly.

A couple of suggestions I can add:

1. Use other people’s eyes as that point to foster deep connection while maintaining presence.

2. While meditating, look at a point above you. Looking up makes you feel happy.

In a lot of ways, Illuminatus’ stuff is better than previous versions of Koanic Soul. However, I have some new stuff that pushes it even further. That’s why the sidebar link is down – the videos are just too outdated.

Meditation, biochemistry, drugs, paleo diet, Game, career hacking. When we push this far enough, we will live well, won’t we, brothers?

I wish you all well, and hope you live free and gladly.