Edenism spreads, as does the brown tide

It appears the name “Edenism” has won out.

Re the Garden of Eden, what happens when we interpret it through the lenses of melonhead civilization and psychedelics?

The fruit becomes a mushroom or similarly psychoactive plant. The snake becomes a vision, a visitor. Is Ayahuasca that fruit? It is called “the vine of death” after all. “And on that day you shall surely die.”

Then combining Ayahuasca with the fruit of the tree of eternal life, it would’ve been possible for the melonheads to become like gods. Ascending the dimensional ladder permanently, and transcending their physical forms?

Instead, they were cursed with exile and devolution. They were scattered among the lower races of the Earth; those not made in God’s image. Though evolutionists have always scoffed at devolution, it is interesting to see the Biblical decline in longevity mirrored in the fossil record of declining Melon braincase size.

Perhaps, like the elves, the melons were the original stewards, under whom God intended the Neanderthals to grow up, like Tolkein’s first men.

Those of you who react negatively to my discussion of psychedelics should realize that every human being undergoes psychedelic trips nightly, in the form of dreams. Religious experiences unquestionably have a psychedelic component, as does meditation. Consciousness is not material, and psychedelics simply weaken the consciousness’ immersion in the material world.

Whether or not taking drug-induced trips is advisable, the upper reaches of consciousness are a subject highly relevant to both Edenism and Koanic Soul.

Not to tapdance on a tombstone, but I hear there was a holy day election. Blanksta beat banksta, leaving America black and blue, in a demographic deathknell for the “conservative” movement.

On the upside, a niggardly economy will leave no one in doubt as to who’s to blame. The pendulum, she swings. Viva Brasil Norte!