Conclusive Answer to the “Race is a Social Construct” Argument

A troll at Vox Day is denying that race is anything but a social construct.

I replied:

Clearly your eyes don’t work, otherwise I would show you this principal component analysis of gene clusters that shows clearly defined races –

and the accompanying logic and evidence –

A reader asks:

“Not that I’m disagreeing with anything you’re saying, but I have no idea how to interpret that .PNG. Can you explain that or provide a link to an explanation?”

As far as I understand, it’s a regression analysis of the human genome. “Principal components” is a statistical regression term. The explanation is the link I posted directly beneath the png link.

Regression allows one to find significant non-correlated variables in a statistical data set that determine your y variable(s). In this case, it’s the clusters of genes that define race.

Point being, race deniers attempt to appeal to dishonest rhetoric, bad/outdated science, and incompetently simplistic statistics to deny the genetic reality of race, when the truth is easily graspable in a single graphic.