Bigfoot, aliens, gods and demons – DNA, Fossils, & Myth

Lloyd Pye is a mild TM, a frank Southern gentleman, and psychologically stable and mature. He’s also very anti-religious, which is silly. He is most famous for his custodianship and championing of the half-alien Starchild skull. Before that, he was already deeply involved in promoting an alternative theory of anthropology. He may play a little fast and loose with the details – necessary when attempting to cover so much ground. But his main ideas represent a crucial paradigm shift for understanding human origins.

I just finished reading his latest book, Intervention Theory. It’s a really fun, cool book. He begins by exposing fundamental errors in the mainstream consensus of biology and cosmology/astronomy. Then he starts talking about the logistics of terraforming for an advanced spacefaring race. Badass.

It’s like reading a smart sci-fi book that’s actually true. Which, for me, is crack. I haven’t had this much fun since reading the Velikovsky section in James Hogan’s Kicking the Sacred Cow.

One criticism – the graphics in the pdf were fuzzy and sometimes unreadable. Maybe I had the low-res version.

Speciation controversy

Pye proposes that terraforming aliens were responsible for the speciation bursts following each extinction event on Earth. According to the mainstream consensus, these events are separated by billions, hundreds and tens of millions of years, at an accelerating pace down to the present.

I believe that solar cycles causing magnetic reversals and solar radiation upspikes could also explain speciation bursts following extinction events. This does not rule out intervention, but provides a more elegant method of stoking evolutionary fires. The solar system designer in this scenario would recognize that evolution would tend to microevolve into local maxima, then stagnate. To combat this trend, he would program periodic solar cycles that devastate the Earth and bathe it in DNA-warping radiation. This explains the bursts of increased genetic complexity following each exinction event. The Chernobyl ecosystem may provide an insight into this phenomenon.

Pye points out that we have never observed microevolution turning into macroevolution, either ourselves or in the fossil record. This is true. However it does not rule out the solar theory above.

His argument does make me doubt that the selective pressure over several hundred years in Europe that produced Ashkenazi intelligence actually represents evolution. Rather, I think it was differential selection for melon and neanderthal genes, as opposed to Cro Magnon, that produced the rise in average IQ.

** Genetic engineering

Pye argues that the 46 chromosomes of humans, along with various other features, are proof of alien intervention and genetic engineering. Anthropology’s mass confusion over how to interpret the fossil record of apes and hominoids results from their assumption that chimps and humans must have a common ancestor via gradual evolution, rather than via genetic engineering, to explain our 95% DNA similarity.

He provides a fascinatingly suggestive list of differences between human and hominoid. All of the “aquatic ape” features such as subcutaneous fat show up only in humans, not the preceding hominoids. Could our alien designers belong to a watery, low gravity planet? Certainly those huge melon skulls don’t look well suited to Earth gravity.

A pedophile (joke) will enjoy the endless detail on feet and tracks. To summarize: “The first truly human foot does not have a clear arrival point until Cro-Magnons around 60,000 years ago. The foot bones of every pre-human before them is in one way or another debatable.”

The bizarrely impractical design of the human gait, skin, respiratory tract, weak musculature and thin bones all suggest a low-gravity shore-dweller.

Genetic engineering mechanics

We are 97% similar to chimps, but have one fewer chromosome. Our makers fused two of the ape chromosomes together, so 24 became 23. The reason you would do this is to make ape DNA compatible with alien DNA, which presumably had 23 chromosomes.

Humans also have 9 “inversions”. An inversion is a segment of ape DNA that’s been flipped and reinserted. All humans have these, which is incredibly improbable (because inversions are recessive and non-carriers had to all die out after each one sequentially occurred by chance). This supports the genetic engineering theory.

Gene errors

There are a few dozen to a few hundred genetic disorders in higher primates. Most are not too severe, e.g. albinism. Humans have 4,000 disorders, and they’re more severe, including many that are fatal. This is evidence of botched genetic engineering.

Mystery genes

Within our 20,000 to 30,000 genes are 223 that have no analogues in any other animal species, although 113 of the 223 can be found among bacteria. Thus, mainstream science concludes that all 223 of the “unique” human genes have somehow been put into our genome by “lateral transfer,” which means infection by bacteria. Well, okay . . . maybe. But what about the 110 that aren’t found anywhere?

WTF? Bacteria driven genetic engineering! We even know how they inserted the genes now.

A professional geneticist writes (pseudonymously) to Pye:

Look up the huge discontinuities between humans and the various apes for: (1) Whole mitochondrial DNA; (2) genes for the Rh Factor; (3) and human Y chromosomes, among others. Regarding #3, I refer you to K.D. Smith’s 1987 study titled “Repeated DNA sequences of the human Y chromosome.” It says “Most human Y chromosome sequences thus far examined do not have homologues [same relative position or structure] on the Y chromosomes of other primates. Human female X chromosomes do look somewhat apelike, but not the male’s Y. This means that if humans are a crossbred species, the cross had to be between a female ape-like creature (i.e, “creature of Earth”) and a male being from elsewhere.

What the evolutionists do is find certain genes which look very similar between man and ape, then they make a “tree of descent” while ignoring those huge impassable abysses of difference elsewhere.

Also, by certain methods of DNA dating, one can tell that numerous genes have been recently added to the human genome.

Who and when?

MtDNA studies tell us that the matrileal (continuous line of mothers) comes from blacks in Southern Africa. Who concocted this original combination of hominoid and alien DNA? Probably the Boskop men.

However, this doesn’t mean that Neanderthals are descended from the same Africans. Mitochondrial Eve dates back only 200,000 years, while Neanderthals are much older – perhaps 600,000 years old according to the mainstream. I have explained elsewhere why the Neanderthal MtDNA line was extinguished.

Are Neanderthals natural?

It’s obvious to me that humans are engineered. The question is, were Neanderthals? Cleve calls them “the old men of the Earth.” Unlike Sapiens, they have a continuous evolutionary history. Neanderthal is the “man with no waist.” Knock kneed, thicker bones, longer arms, big eye sockets, large nose, non-throwing shoulders, football shaped head, etc. All consistent with earlier hominoid fossils.

Pye’s prediction that Neanderthals would prove to be dissimilar to humans has proven incorrect. Evidence continues to roll in showing Neanderthals’ advanced intelligence, human characteristics, art, technology, etc. Pye predicted they would have 48 chromosomes like apes; it turns out they have 46 like humans, and their DNA is 95.5% similar to ours (or more). So Tex was right, and Pye was wrong.

This Neanderthal mistake does not invalidate Pye’s theory, it merely introduces a layer of complexity that fits better with mythology. Readers will know what I am talking about – Enkidu, Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, etc.

According to Pye, 46 chromosomes is a sign of alien genetic engineering. So what if all the hominoids had 46? Then we could posit two phases of engineering: creation of hominoids, and creation of homo sapiens. Thus the Neanderthals organically evolved from a root of ape and alien DNA, while Sapiens represents a manipulated and weakened slave version of a low-wattage African hominoid.

This jives with what we know about hominoids – their uncanny nearness to humanity. In the story of Zana (which is verifiable fact), a fur-covered hominoid was captured in Russia and bore 8 children from men of the village – an excellent fertility rate. Pye supposes that it must’ve taken many tries and good luck to produce a 23 + 24 chromosome viable embryo, but this goes against what he says elsewhere that such a match is genetically impossible. Moreover, the Russians and Nazis tried hard to cross-breed humans with (48 chromosome) apes to produce super-soldiers, but never succeeded. So it seems reasonable to conclude that the hominoids had 46 chromosomes, just like the Neanderthals who represent the end of their line.

Pics of Zana’s children. These guys should look Russian, but they end up looking Melanesian / Negroid. Hellooo, Denisova:

This shared proto-humanity explains why so few hunters have shot bigfoots:

“Dozens of reports are on record where hunters find themselves in position to shoot a hominoid, but invariably they say it strikes them as wrong in some fundamental way, and they don’t shoot. Frank Hansen was not that kind of individual.”

The pictures of the Ice Man (the hominoid Frank Hansen shot) in the book stink of murder. It’s no wonder that he concealed his crime. He came near to being arrested a couple of times.

That picture of terror, the arm upraised over face, is another reason we don’t find bigfeet/hominoids. Our less savory element has been hunting, killing, enslaving, raping and eating them for a very long time.

Genetic engineering – the who and why

Of course nobody knows whether it was genetic engineering or some kind of solar evolutionary spike. But if it was engineering, then it seems unlikely that the billion-year planetary terraformers are the same agents as the crude Earthly slave-lords.

We might suppose that the Fore-Melons created the hominoids with an initial splice of their own DNA onto apes, then left them to evolve bodies with sufficiently large brain size but adapted to Earth conditions. Sort of like growing a space suit. When the hominoids became sufficiently advanced, the Fore-Melons used their genes to create a version of themselves adapted to Earth. These Earth-Melons then instigated the creation of slave hominoids to handle the physical labor.

It does seem that the slow evolution of the Neanderthal football skull represents a natural progression from primate intelligence, whereas the rounded ball of the Sapiens skull is an aberration, with the soul (occipital) cut out.

One can understand why aquatic low-gravity Earth-Melons might feel intimidated around an animal with the strength to rip apart lions combined with inviolable integrity and independence.

I wonder what sort of environment would possibly have induced the evolution of the melonheads? It seems more likely to me that they themselves are the product of extra-dimensional genetic engineering, where the priority was to preserve as much spiritual capacity as possible, rather than design a practical organism. Somebody didn’t like the idea of living in meat.

Thus it could be:
Extra-dimensionals -> Fore-melons -> Earth-melons -> Sapiens
Fore-melons -> Hominoids -> evolution -> Neanderthals

I conclude that Neanderthals, while perhaps not 100% intervention free, are the natural sons of Earth.

Bigfoot is real

All this has a testable prediction. When (not if) one of the thousands of hominoids roaming every continent is finally captured or killed, it will have 46 chromosomes and be very near to human DNA.

It’s easy to scoff at Bigfoot until you start paying attention. Then you realize that the time between the first and second killing of a panda was 60 years. Before that, experts ridiculed reports of a black and white bear that ate bamboo. Even after we had one stuffed in a museum, we couldn’t catch one – and they’re slow moving, highly visible, dumb animals that aren’t nocturnal.

By comparison, a hominoid is a million times stealthier, and has been avoiding human terror for millennia. They see in the dark, move as fast as a horse, communicate with a language, and have intelligence near our own. Plus, our ecological niches don’t overlap – just like the panda. These are massive, furry, muscle-bound hominoids, and need to stay a lot cooler than people. They prefer to live in a colder, forest ecological niche with lots of rainfall.

Why don’t we have bigfoot fossils? Because they live in forests, which for chimpanzees have yielded a grand total of three fossilized teeth. Everything breaks down on the acid forest flood, including bone, in a matter of weeks – assuming animals don’t get to it first.

Thus I find myself in the surprising position of believing that bigfoot is real. The footprints and video prove it. Microcracks that show flexing fleshy foot rather than wooden mold, sometimes with dermal crests. An arch that flexes downwards rather than upwards, just like eons-old fossilized tracks in volcanic ash.

This famous footage is unfakeable without a serious special effects budget, and is anatomically accurate. That 400 lb knees bent gait with the longer-than-human arms and smooth glide, foot arches flexing down instead of up, muscles rippling under fur, primate shaped skull, pendulous breasts – that’s some serious evidence. They took casts of the prints, too, and those hold up.

How do we know hominoids have night vision? Besides of all the reports of nocturnal activity, and the fact that Zana had reddish eyes, which means night vision. We can extrapolate that all the hominoids had night vision, including the Neanderthals. Thus a picture of the Neanderthal as a K-selected mostly carnivorous Ice Age apex predator emerges. They took caves from cave bears and hunted the dire wolf with lances on horseback. Serious badasses. Today they just dominate the UFC and stay up late programming or writing blogs.

Why make slaves? Nbiru and the Annunaki

Check out how degenerated Homo Sapiens is compared to Melonheads or a robust Neanderthal skeleton.

Who would make a weak slave species, and why?

Lloyd Pye has a theory, borrowed from Zachariah Sitchin:

Part of [Sumerian] history, according to alternative scholars, was somehow knowing that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were in our solar system, 4,000 years before we rediscovered that lost knowledge. They didn’t label Earth as the “third rock from the Sun,” as we do; they regarded it as number seven because they started with Pluto and counted inward. (And isn’t that an unusual perspective for a people supposedly not long out of caves and just past hardscrabble subsistence farming?) They also included a currently “missing” planet in their scheme of things, a very unusual one they called “Nibiru,” on which lived their “gods,” the Anunnaki.

According to the Sumerians, the Anunnaki could travel to and from Nibiru in spacecraft, and 600 of them started settling on Earth around 400,000 years ago. By around 300,000 years ago, the transplants decided to create for themselves (in their “house of fashioning”) new plants and animals to “give the gods their ease” (make life on the distant outpost more comfortable and, presumably, more like home). They also decided to create a “slave and servant” to further make their life on the outpost as comfortable as it could be.

From this came our modern domesticated plants and animals, among which were the “Adamu,” the first humans. (The term “Adamu,” the slaves and servants created by the Anunnaki “gods” of the Sumerians, was slightly modified 2000 years later to become “Adam” in the Old Testament.) The Anunnaki created the Adamu by hybridizing their own “essence” with the essence of “creatures of Earth,” the planet’s indigenous upright walking beings. We assume those were either Homo Erectus or Neanderthals, both of whom were in existence when the Adamu were being created.

The “creatures of Earth” provided an appropriate physical model for a functional slave and servant formed “in our own image, after our own likeness” (another set of words on a Sumerian tablet copied 2,000 years later in Genesis). The new Adamu would be smart, but not too smart; strong, but not too strong-i.e., useful but not inherently dangerous.

Then, in a widely reported study in 1987, our mitochondrial DNA revealed that our genetic history as a unique species, as the beings we are today, extended back to only about 200,000 years, precisely when the Sumerian tablets indicated that the Adamu were created!

This is how you get human beings looking absolutely unlike any other higher primate on the planet. We seem to have indeed been made “in the image and after the likeness” of the “gods” who created us, gods not fully adapted to our planet or its gravity. This is why in many ways we are physically maladapted to our terrestrial home, as evidenced by our sunlight sensitive eyes and skin, bad lower backs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and similar gravity-induced debilitations.

Supposedly Nbiru is a brown dwarf planet on a 3,500 year orbit around the Sun. Heat comes from within the planet. However, it loses atmosphere and heat over time. The Annunaki needed particulate gold to act as a heat reflector to trap heat in their atmosphere.

No idea if this makes sense or not. However, if you did need to mine gold, creating biological slaves to do it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Sapiens will always mine and hoard gold, and melons will always be able to take it from them. Sure beats spending 3,500 years in the asteroid belt waiting for the planet to come around again, right?

I’ll read some more books on this. Titles I’ve heard mentioned are “The Earth Chronicles” by Zecharia Sitchin, and “Chariots of the Gods”.

The gold rationale might be complete BS. It certainly smells strongly of it. In which case, there’s an alternative rationale – Earth-melons make great psychic food for weak extra-dimensionals, aka Travelers. And Sapiens aren’t bad if you’re starving. Hell, even a sufficiently busted or tripping Neanderthal may do in a pinch.

Whatever. There are a lot of moving pieces, and I’m sure that, like the history of Europe, shit’s totally fucked.


Esau was hairy, and a “wild ass of a man, whose hand was against everyone, and everyone against him.” A great hunter, although not excessively bright, and gluttonous. Sounds a lot like Khwit, Zana’s son.

Gamasa and Khwit were both powerfully built, had dark skins, but they inherited scarcely anything from Zana’s facial appearance. The complex of human features, inherited from their father, was dominant in them and overruled the mother’s line of descent. Khwit, who died at the age of 65 or 70, was described by his fellow-villagers as little different from the human norm, except for certain small divergences. He was extremely strong, difficult to deal with and quick to pick a fight. In fact, he lost his right hand after one of the many fights he had with his fellow-villagers, but his left hand sufficed him to mow and do other work on a collective farm, and even climb trees.

The face of Esau?