Basic Questions Answered About Neanderthals

Anonymous writes in with questions about the basic idea:

I stumbled across your blog recently and I think I got a general idea of where your blog is coming from but I wasn’t able to find a link on your blog that went through the basics point by point. Here is basically what I understand so far. Neanderthals still exit among modern humans however maybe they are not pure. Neanderthals, insofar as whites are concerned, can be noticed by an oval shaped skull and non-neanderthals have more of a sphere shaped skull.

I am assuming that non-whites are not neanderthal but oculd be part neanderthal if they are part white?

Also there is something about eyes being close together and eyes being wide aprt and eye sockets being deep or shallow. Are these characteristics related to determining whether or not a human is “thal”? Also I think you associated character traits with those physical characteristics.

And I think you also mentioned something about introversion too.

Best Regards

Hi Anon,

Yes Neanderthals exist, no none are pure. Skull shape indicates back of head, front of head is also relevant for Neanderthal origin, namely deep sockets, big eyes, wide spacing.

Neanderthal DNA is spread among all populations except sub saharan african. E.g. Native Americans and Indians and Chinese have Neanderthal DNA.

Introversion is a Thal characteristic. Here is a list from a recent Nature article:

“advanced mathematics skills, information processing, logic, analytical intelligence, concentration skills, obsession–compulsion and Asperger’s syndrome.”

Melonheads are another white skinned light-haired race, so light skin is not purely Neanderthal. Cro Magnon was originally black before conquering Neanderthals. Modern white homo sapiens is primarily a Cro Magnon, Neanderthal and Melonhead mixture.